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On the absolute necessity of patriarchy for women's long term welfare.

January 11, 2015

So, /u/TRPsubmitter, in his usual fine form, gave us this

Beta bf who almost got cuckolded by Mario Balotelli mistakenly thinks he can negotiate attraction by publicly outing his gf into not cheating on him

and it's full of juicy analysis, very enlightening, go read it. But it also brings up a more general principle that deserves to be called out on its own.

Why did the girl do this dumb shit?

Well, consider what would have happened if she fucked Mario Baloteli. She gets thirty minutes of sex, probably very good sex because she's super turned on by him. Then boyfriend dumps her, and she spends the rest of her life as an alpha widow, propping up her self-image by reminding herself that she fucked Mario Baloteli once. (That's how she puts it, of course. The truth is that Mario Baloteli fucked her.) Until, one day, she tells the story, and someone says "Who the fuck was Mario Baloteli?", and she realizes she has nothing.

So, bad for her. But her instincts drive her to do it. Why? Because our instincts drive us to act in the interests of our genes, not ourselves. Her genes "want" to be mixed with Mario Baloteli's, because that will give them a better chance of making more copies of themselves. That's the mechanism that created instinct. That process doesn't give a fuck if we get hurt along the way.

So what kind of girl would have reacted differently?

A girl who had been raised by a patriarch. If she had been steeped in all that ludicrous-sounding old-fashioned shit about "guarding her virtue", she would have realized, that, hey, she ain't gonna be able to hold on to a guy who has that kind of pulling ability. She's going to get pumped and dumped. She might have still felt some attraction, but it would be balanced with revulsion at the idea of being "cheap" or getting "used". So she doesn't respond to his message, but shows it to her mate instead, and they have a good laugh about it.

Patriarchy was a thing because girls self-destruct without it. Their instincts compel them to act against their long term interests.

But why girls in particular? Is the male of the species so much calmer, so much smarter, so much more logical, that he's planning ahead every second of his life and never makes a dumb shit move?

Bitch, please. Have you seen some of the things men do? Ha. No, the reason is that, by dint of biological happenstance, male mating mistakes don't have permanent consequences.

Imagine, for a moment, what it's like to be a woman. Imagine that every dumb shit move you ever made in the past, that thing you did when you were fourteen, that time you got drunk and had beer goggles, that thing with your brother's girlfriend in the cabin... imagine that all that shit stayed with you and permanently affected how attractive you were. Remember some of the stupid shit you did before your dark enlightenment? I'll bet some of you fuckers wrote love poetry.

And, just like you, the modern woman has had no guidance in how not to fuck up her SMV. Just like you, she has had to figure that shit out for herself. Except, unlike you, she isn't able to erase her past or make it irrelevant. She has to live with it. You get a whole lot of tries, opportunities to learn from your mistakes and fix them. She gets the test, and then the lesson, and no do-overs.

This is why women lie to you about their partner count. Once they figure out that it matters, what the fuck else are they supposed to do?

This is why little girls need a patriarch. Because they could figure shit out for themselves, they are capable of learning, but by the time they've had a chance to, it's too late.

Little girls who grow up without a strong male authority ruling the family have five to six years of non-stop party, then a lifetime of wondering what went wrong. Little girls who do, they miss the early-twenties sex party, but they have more fulfilling lives.

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