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On the Bruce Lee Principle

December 16, 2014

Why the Bruce Lee principle must always apply to Red Pill Theory. "Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own."

Reading a post the other day which cited some old classic behaviourist studies, it reminded me of why the old behaviourism movement is no longer as prominent in current psychology. This does not say that it has nothing to offer. It has some great ideas and explains some things well, but we've reached a stage these days where it is no longer the explanation of everything. Now there's two ways you can take this, depending upon your point of view: we don't need something to explain everything, we just need some soft analysis skills to make sense of things; or that relativism is a self defeating principle and we must admit that softer sciences are known as such because we simply don't have all the explanations yet. An example would be the theories of lift. A few years ago, I was discussing this with a physicist who was about to do a PhD at Cambridge in theoretical physics. I was curious as to the practicality of this, so he kindly gave the example that there are/were three competing theories which explained lift (the force we believe makes planes fly.) They're not compatible, so we know for sure that they're not all right, however we don't know which one is right BUT we do know that planes fly. This is a good example of a hard science approach. We've got observations and we have theories on why these are so, but we can't yet be certain of the explanation. You can apply this principle all the way down the softer sciences and especially to psychology.

I firmly believe there is no reason we can't take both views. There is no rational reason to reject two sensible ideas that come from a strong logical basis. Soft analysis skills (something which seems to be dying out in modern society) have tremendous advantages. Calibration of social skills, the diagnosis of disease, the understanding and adaptability of your own principle views on life etc etc. However, that is not a good enough reason to accept a relativist principle: the only truth, is that there is no truth. Predictions made decades ago by prominent theoretical physicists have been proven over the past few years as our exploration and knowledge of space has increased. Deductive reasoning on the basis of truth is proving that there is truth out there. So as with most things, let's adopt a middle ground which works best. We can dismiss relativism, there is truth to nature, we don't fully understand it.... however we can still use a soft analytical approach to adapt to it. See reality for what it is, continue to debate the theory behind the observations made by red pill men, but approach with adaptability in mind. It is the best approach. To "adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own." Never stop thinking. Never stop adapting. Never stop trying to add something new which is specifically your own.

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