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On Transitioning From Anger to Acceptance

February 2, 2015

A very common accusation I see from outsiders of this sub about TRP is that it's full of angry men. To most of us the reason why is obvious; finding out your entire reality was a lie is hard to initially accept. Doubly so when you recognize that you're near the bottom of the SMV barrel. No one but your mother loves you for the way you are now.

Understand that our detractors, like the majority of people, have zero sympathy for weak men. And that's ultimately what you are as a recently unplugged male, weak and impotent. They don't care for your pain. No one but those who have walked the same path do.

The 5 Stages of The Red Pill is a very real phenomenon. I see a lot of men, even here, shaming others for being angry. While it ought not to be any man's goal to perpetually stay in a bubble of anger, part of the transition process is precisely that of having the ability to vent. Men need cathartic releases for their rage. Yelling, hitting things and generally being aggressive, men need channels for getting it out of the system. The manosphere is literally the only place where such things are deemed acceptable.

There is no accelerating the anger phase, no more than you expedite a child's tantrum, or grieving the loss of a loved one. It needs to pass on its own. By staying the course, focusing on self-improvement, and through repeated trials and newfound experience any man can break the spell of hate into acceptance.

I recall when I first started spinning plates how much loathing and contempt I had for those women. I'd smile to their faces and think about how utterly stupid they were. I spent my entire adult life improving to the point where I could get laid regularly, and they have the audacity to think I'd commit to them? Worse, women who were objectively several points of SMV lower than me thought they had a chance? The nerve!

It wasn't a mentor, or a guiding voice, or this sub that made me transition, to realize that women were simply doing the best to look out for themselves, the same as I was doing. It was time. A long time, mind you, but nothing else. Maturity isn't something you can simply install into a man's brain.

When you see a newly unplugged AFC show up in this sub, try to do what no one else would do for him: understand, and accept him. No one else will.

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