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On unplugging all the way: You need to chew before swallowing.

February 8, 2018

It's easy to push people's buttons.

Post a hyperbolic rant about how someone's favorite sports team sucks, and you will easily be able to separate the people who watch sportsball for fun:

"Dude, the Podunk Penguins are a decent sportsball team, I happen to like sportsball, and they're fun to watch. What ARE you raving about?"

from the people who look to sportsball to provide them with a sense of identity:

"Fuck you, you limp-wristed fuck! The Penguins are WAY better at sportsball than you will ever be, loser! You're just jealous because THEY are successful sportsball players and YOU work in a mayonnaise factory! Eat shit and die!"

Separate them like this, and you know who is unplugged, and who isn't. Consider it as a sort of litmus test.

The process of unplugging from the "matrix" of someone else's ideas and plans for you can sometimes be interrupted by another type of blue pill. The sort that presents you with a nice matrix instead of a scary dystopian one.

It's easy to stop there.

There are, as one rather well unplugged reader put it, a great many young men here who are "temporarily on a strike, waiting for some authority figure (be it [Jordan Peterson], Ben Shapiro, Milo [Yiannopoulos], or some bigshot YouTube skeptic a-la Sargon of Akkad) to intellectually 'checkmate' the SJWs and the globalists into capitulation"

They are waiting for a messiah to save society.

And while these public figures certainly make us all smile when they take the radical left down a peg, that isn't what we built TRP for. That socket in your head, the one labeled "insert messiah here", or "insert plans here"... that's what made you vulnerable to the Disney Blue Pill, or the Chivalry Blue Pill, or the Feminist Blue Pill in the first place. Someone exploited your desire for a ready-made set of instructions for life. Your dream of a society where everything was mapped out, and you didn't have to wander in the wilderness on your own, looking for what suited you in life.

Unplugging is hard, because it means you are alone.

But when you have sockets in your head for people to plug you into something, whether it be Social Justice, or the Right Wing Save Society Movement, then you are forever at the mercy of any sufficiently persuasive person with an agenda that isn't yours.

TRP was created to weld that socket shut, so that any advice that entered your head had to do so through a more filtered orifice. When you put food in your mouth, you don't just swallow it. You chew first.

There was always the danger that he who seeks to unplug people from messiahs becomes regarded as one himself, whether we wanted to be or not. Sometimes, you point at things, and people just stare at your finger. That is inherent in the process, because unplugging can be hinted at, but never given as a list of instructions.

How could it? The whole idea is about not following lists of instructions. Feminist bullshit, Disney movies, sperg-like lists of " how to be AlphaTM ", and tradcon plans to save society by recruiting you with the promise of one free UnicornTM (Caution: do not subject horn to strong lateral pressure as glue may fail) ... these are all blue pills.

The red pill is you. You regarding every thing you see as raw data to be analyzed. Every article or video or column of advice as a hypothesis to consider and weigh. Every strategic technique as a suggestion to test and see if it works for you.

And if some manipulative jerk can make you rage by telling you your favorite sportsball team sucks, then check your brain for someone else's fingerprints.

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