Once you realize what interested women will do for you with little effort on your part, you'll realize what a waste of energy it is to even talk to women who don't show immediate and enthusiastic interest.

July 1, 2016

Ever go up to a woman on an approach and say, "Hey, I saw you and I just want to talk"?

Here's some truth to brand into your flesh:

Women don't want to just talk to men.

They want to fuck, go on an adventure, be told what to do, get into a dangerous situation, start some shit, fuck up someone's day, save the world, ride on a motorcycle, see a movie, dance, sell shit on Etsy, cheat, stab you, eat mayonnaise, and run from a dinosaur.

But never be fooled into ever think a woman ever wants to just talk, ever.

She has an agenda. You have an agenda.

Either you're working toward hers or you're working toward your own. There is no middle ground.

So when a woman shows middling or low interest, you've picked a mountain to climb. You'll climb it her way in her time with small reward and with no respect from her. You'll sacrifice time, energy, and focus, as well as inflating the value of what little payment you'll receive for the trouble - so that at the end, you must also deal with the effects of having catered to self-delusion. This means emotional fallout, time for getting your shit back together, retooling, and rebuilding. You've fucked yourself.

When a woman shows intense and vested interest, you've already won. You can have whatever you want. You can have it now. She will eagerly give you as much as you can handle and more. You've claimed a gift that was yours since birth. By acknowledging and fulfilling her desire to fulfill your desires - without hesitation, without pussyfooting around, with confidence and a smile on your face - you've not done anything amazing. You've simply had a normal sexual interaction between a masculine male and a feminine female. It is an interaction that not many people understand anymore but that everyone craves.

To achieve this end, value quantity of women over quality. This is old hat to many of you, but newbies take note. There's an epiphany waiting for you, that moment when you realize a woman you've known for 30 seconds is willing to do more for you than that girl you chased for 6 years.

Corollary: Any woman you interact with for a long amount of time in a non-sexual manner (who isn't already head over heels for you), is not a woman you will ever sleep with.

Here's the math:

You're more likely to get open eager honest sexuality from a woman within minutes of meeting you than you are in 3 years of dancing around the subject. Be up front, be honest, and in a quick few seconds she'll tell you with words or body language all that you need to know about who is likely to get what, when, and how (the politics of getting your dick wet). That's minutes invested rather than years wasted.

To do that, stop masturbating and do something extremely intense daily. I know we say "lifting." It's a wonderful go-to and will open all new dimensions in your life but to be honest, anything shamelessly and no-fucks intense will work. A sport. A competition. A gig. Anything that becomes something more than the sum of its parts and that requires focused balls-on-fire intensity - do that thing every day.

When you're raging and intense and focused, you become a black hole of Fuck that women fall into naturally. You want them. You can't stop yourself, and women are walking sex toys to a man who can't stop himself.

If you've been jacking off a lot and dispersed your energy and middled your life by avoiding intensity, extreme action, and excitement, you will be static and background noise to anyone you meet.

So if you've been going out after 3 wanks to try to psych yourself up to talk to that girl who maybe kind of likes you, you've fucked yourself. She'll smell your "kind of" interest, return a "kind of" interest with just enough hope to keep you on the leash. You will use the leash later to hang yourself.

If you go out after a week of not cumming, women will look at you from across the room with hopeful and begging eyes. They will say things to you and not know why. They will agree to do the kinkiest most fucked up shit because they can see in your eyes that you want it so goddamn badly. They will feel your leadership and use all your commands as refreshing and simplifying direction in their too-many-choices what-am-I-doing pointless lives.

And they absolutely, certainly, posi-fucking-tively won't just want to talk.

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