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One Hole or Many: To spin plates or to pursue a LTR

May 6, 2014

There has been some brewing recently about what the official stance is within TRP on spinning plates vs. pursuing a single girl in a committed relationship (there are also MGTOW; they are not the focus of this post)

So what is TRP's official stance? There isn't one, but rather pros and cons to each setup. Accordingly, they are as follows:

Spinning Plates


  1. The big one: abundance. If one girl is giving you shit, cut her out of the roster. She needs to earn your time. Let her compete with your higher quality prospects. Learn to value each girl equally -- no one chick is intrinsically more valuable than the other.

  2. Multiple partners with which to assess qualities you like and dislike. Maybe you didn't realize how much you loved a chick that makes amazing home-cooked meals until plate #2 whipped you up something after fucking you raw.

  3. Validation. This is often the unspoken element of spinning plates, but you feel like a fucking champ when you have half a dozen girls vying for your dick. That confidence spills over into everything else.

  4. Less bullshit. Sometimes you just want to fuck a tight little spinner silly. Who needs the hurdles of wining and dining a girl, buying gifts for notable calendar dates, and generally giving up your valuable time when you don't have to?


  1. Time investment. Lots of going out, doing the chasing. TONS of flaky girls. Chicks that you're no longer into that hang off you despite your attempts to drop them.

  2. I've noticed a trend with the kinds of girls that easily put out early in that they tend to be vapid as all hell. I run a pretty tight game when doing the social dance, but internally I want to rip their eyes out for spewing some of the nonsense they believe in.

  3. Stigma. This isn't about plebs; you shouldn't give a shit what the average person thinks. Being a player has its downsides if you're trying to maintain a professional image though. If you're a notable leader, you hurt yourself by maintaining the playboy image (it does however ramp up your SMV -- preselection and all that)



  1. Consistency. It's nice not having to chase sometimes. If you live with a girl it's great knowing you have something to come home to each night, particularly if she's sex-starved. Requires maintaining tighter frame though, if you go soft she will lose her attraction over time.

  2. Affection. Girls who are madly in love do some interesting shit. Ever have a girl surprise you with an amazingly thoughtful gift that only someone who knows you well could? Plates are kept too much at arms length to get like this. WARNING: This is often where BP'ers stumble and develop one-itis. The most thoughtful gift in the world doesn't mean she's immune to being nexted if she stops being a quality girl. Don't be a blinded love-sick puppy.


  1. Commitment. Do you like time? What about money? Hope your girl isn't a bitch then, because she can legally take those things from you if you've committed for too long (marriage, or a few years of cohabitation depending on country). This is the mother of all Cons, and the biggest reason why I think spinning plates is the way to go.

  2. Investment. Girlfriends are fucking expensive man. If you make good cash, you damn well better believe she wants a piece of that. Not all girls are gold diggers, but few are going to put up with never seeing a slice of your success.

  3. One-itis. A lot of men fall into this. Even some RP-aware men. You spend so much time with one girl, you start thinking of all the sunk costs when things go downhill. You don't want to lose it all. The problem with this mentality is that it makes you weak, which exacerbates the problem because women are turned off by weakness. Like any bargaining position, if you can't walk you have no power. If your chick knows you're committed for good, she can (and likely will) walk all over you. Often the relationship is already over but you double-down trying to stop the ship from sinking. This is pathetic, and not characteristic of a strong individual.

Those are the ones I've come up with. I'm curious to know if other RP'ers have contributions.

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