Doing whatever the fuck you want. That’s it. Allow me to elaborate.

I have read countless threads on asktrp that could simply be solved by asking OP: well, what is it that you wanna do?

Alphas make their own decisions and they make these decisions with confidence. They don’t seek the approval of others before making their decisions. They trust their intuition, they know exactly what it is they desire and their decisions back this up.

Let’s consider a hypothetical yet very practical and common scenario: you match with a bitch on Tinder

Beta behavior: running to the asktrp sub and requesting advice on how to respond, how to ask for her number, whatever.

Alpha behavior: responding how you like and then moving on with your day regardless of the outcome. Those of you who have actually read the sidebar might call this... outcome independence.

I see so many guys consult the asktrp sub about what how an alpha would respond, whether or not this is beta behavior, how to handle that situation as an alpha, whatever.

Let me tell you, you’ve already lost the battle once you reach that stage. Think of the chaddiest most alpha motherfucker you know. Do you think he’s bitching about how his date went? Or do you think he simply learned some lessons and moved on to his other options? Do you think he’s spending his time and attention mentally masturbating over trivial details regarding a social situation? Or do you think he’s too busy killing it at life to give a fuck?

True alphas aren’t running to an Internet forum to seek approval before they act. They aren’t consulting strangers on the internet to tell them how to handle a certain situation. They don’t need to be told what’s acceptable and what’s not. You know what’s really alpha? Making your own fucking decisions because it’s your fucking life.

Next time, before you consult the sub or anybody in your life for that matter simply ask yourself: What is it that I want to do? Then go fucking do it.

The asktrp sub is designed for you to obtain different perspectives so you can gather information that’ll ultimately help you make better decisions on your own. It isn’t meant to hold your hand and guide you through all of life’s decisions. It’s designed to teach you how to fish better instead of gently placing the fish into your open hands.

Do whatever the fuck it is you wanna do