Once upon a time, I overcame oneitis after getting tired of orbiting for months. Some of the truths on TRP start to show.

I only recently stumbled upon this sub-reddit. I have no idea how, but the title the red pill really caught my eye since I love the movie The Matrix and conspiracies. For a few months I was orbiting this girl at the gym. I would try to talk to her at any given chance. I knew she had a bf and I was getting tired of orbiting her. So I gave myself an ultimatum. I asked her out knowing that my chances were slim. She got really shy and politely told me she had a bf. Despite being rejected, I felt like a huge burden was lifted off of me.

After that, I stopped orbiting her and barely give her any attention anymore. Now it seems like she is the one initiating contact with me instead of the other way around. But I don't really say anything more than hi especially if her bf is around. It seems to have put her bf on red alert also. At this point I'm over her and I feel that it has been a big hurdle that I have overcome. I only now realize how pathetic I was and I want to thank this sub-reddit for some of the insight that is provided on a daily basis.

LL: Nothing good comes from orbiting and oneitis. The END.