[Part 1 of 2] 40 Classic Shit Tests, What They Mean, and How to Pass Them

January 11, 2017

NOTE: This post is intended for Red Pill readers who have a complete understanding of what a shit test is and why women use them. If you do not have this complete understanding, read this first: The Shit Test Encyclopedia


DISCLAIMER: While the following examples may be useful, you must understand that the best way to pass a shit test is through your attitude. Regurgitating a memorized line is still failing the test if it’s not convincing. You pass a shit test through your attitude, tone, and delivery. One thing we know about women is that they can smell a poser from a mile away. If you respond to shit tests with robotic, memorized lines, I promise she will be able to tell. That being said, I believe there is still immense value in seeing concrete examples of how you can handle shit tests as well as understanding what women really mean when they use them. Hence, this post:


21 Shit Tests Used by Girls You're Trying to Lay


1 “We’re not having sex”

Translation: I’m considering having sex with you, as long as you don’t fuck it up. If you play your cards right, keep escalating and conquer my ASD/LMR, you’ll be getting your dick wet tonight.

Response: “Maybe you’re not, but I am” / “You’re right, you’ll have to wine and dine me first” / “Woah, you’re already thinking about sex with me? I’m not a slut” / “Yeah, sure” (smirk)


2 “Buy me a drink”

Translation: Are you a beta chump who I can use for a couple free drinks and then ignore?

Response: “No, but you can buy me one”


3 “I have a boyfriend”

Translation: Are you better than him?

Response: “Aww, you’re in love! When’s the wedding?” / “Nobody’s perfect” / “That’s okay, I don’t get jealous” / “Sorry, he’s not invited”


4 “Are you gay?”

Translation: Do you have a fragile ego or are you a rock who can’t be moved?

Response: “Yeah, I am. But I need a decoy girlfriend for my parents. That’s where you come in”


5 “I bet you say that to every girl”

Translation: You’re trying too hard to impress me. I can see through your games.

Response: “I bet you say that to every guy” / “Yep, and they all love it” / “I’ve never talked to a girl before”


6 “I don’t give out my phone number”

Translation: You haven’t impressed me and I’m not interested in you. But please continue to validate me and give me attention by trying even harder to get my number, further building up my ego.

Response: “Okay” [walk away and approach a different girl]


7 “Are you a player?

Translation: Do other women find you attractive?

Response: “At this point I’m more of a coach”


8 “I need to get to know you first”

Translation: If I sleep with you this quickly, you and other people will think I’m a slut. Plus, it gives you all the power. I will only sleep with you if you make me feel like I’m not a slut and having sex “just happened.”

Response: Deflect/ignore and continue to escalate later.


9 “I don’t hookup” / “I’m not that kind of girl”

Translation: I don’t want you or other people to think I’m a slut, but I’m always DTF for a high value man.

Response: “Yeah, sure” (ignore).


10 “You’re too old/young for me”

Translation: I don’t want to be judged or perceived negatively for the age difference between us. Assure me that it’s fine.

Response: “I don’t usually go for blondes/[her hair color either], but sometimes I make exceptions”


11 “You’re an asshole”

Translation: I know I’m not supposed to be attracted to guys who are mean to me, but you’re giving me tingles.

Response: “Yep, and you love it.”

Failed: “I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to be mean”


12 “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Translation: Do other women find you desirable? Can you get laid?

Response: “Why, do you want an audition?” / “I guess another one wouldn’t hurt” / “Yes”


13 “Let’s just be friends”

Translation: Will you be my orbiter who I can use as an emotional tampon and an ATM?

Response: “I have enough friends” (never be her orbiter. Go find another girl).


14 “You’re too short for me”

Translation: I bet I can break your ego.

Response: “I knew I should have worn my heels”


15 “You look sad” / “Why are you upset?”

Translation: Are you a pathetic, loser beta?

Response: “It’s really hard being as attractive as I am”


16 “I don’t sleep with guys on the [1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc] date”

Translation: I’ve been pumped and dumped many times by guys who I slept with quickly, so my guard is up. But I’ll still fuck you if you’re high value enough.

Response: “Neither do I. Most girls don’t get a date”


17 “You’re not my type”

Translation: You’re not impressing me

Response: “You’re not my type either. Look, we have something in common”


18 “Give me your number instead”

Translation: I want to shut you up by making you think an exchange is happening, but in reality I’m never going to text you

Response: “Sorry, I don’t give out my number”


19 “Does that work on other girls?”

Translation: Do other girls think you’re attractive?

Response: “Only the hot ones”


20 “How much money do you make?”

Translation: Are you a beta bucks who I should make wait for sex so I can extract resources first?

Response: “I’m homeless” / “Enough” (NEVER give a real answer)


21 “I’m on my period”

Translation: I’m putting up LMR because I’m still not 100% sure if I should fuck you. [note: she may actually be on her period. But many times this is an LMR tactic, so be aware.)

Response: Say nothing, continue to escalate, and try again


Tomorrow I will release Part 2, which discusses 19 shit tests used by Plates, LTRs, and Wives.

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