A lot of dudes (alpha & beta) sometimes cross the dilemma of not being able to be to "forget a girl." We might find ourselves remembering a blowjob or just a good experience with a woman. This is erroneous thinking that prevents the growth of abundance mentality. It creates probably the most harming side effect that can ruin a man's life, game, and sexual strategy: a clingy behaviour. (beta trait) The most prominent way to combat this is: exposure, interaction, and physical contact with several women. (A.k.a. plating)

Here is a psychological hypothesis: the brain happens to remember traumas, due to the fact that the brain remembers abnormal information that shocks or pleasures it. It's impact was so strong that it the incident is strongly wired into the brain. What do you think nostalgia or reminiscing is? It is the brain recalling and desiring a certain pleasure again that it had previously registered in the form of a memory (visual) or substance (chemical.) Nightmares are the vice versa of this with the brain recalling and remembering terrible experiences.

You cannot forget this girl due to the level of impact she had on your psyche. Whether it was how beautiful she was, sexy, great intercourse, etc. The "Player" or the better known "player mentality" eliminates this issue by forcing the individual to receiving various stimuli from various sources.

The player doesn't care if Jacky doesn't text back, he has a backbone and has a date with Sasha, his classmate. Oh, he is also making plans with Casandra who he met at a coffee shop. The player receives various interactions and stimuli from various sources which helps him avoid dependence on a single source. That is why he is successful. This mentality provides confidence, leisure, exposure to more game, and helps create a healthy and successful mentality when it comes to relationships and interactions between the sexes.

We must cultivate and invite an abundance mentality at all times. It is one of the strongest and most fundamental traits in becoming an alpha/better man. It shapes you into alpha by making you work on your approach game, conversation game, physical interaction game, and several other fundamentals needed in order to be successful in building a rapport with women.