It hit me like a bag of bricks on my way home from my friends house as I sat on the bus. Your thoughts can tell you everything you need about yourself if you take the time and listen. It can even tell you if you are an alpha or a beta still or which side of the fence you're currently leaning on.

As I was sitting on the bus, three semi-attractive girls got on the bus at the same stop. Immediately I began to try and be as attractive as possible for them.

That's when the dots connected. I should not product on the shelf hoping I am shiny enough to be taken off the shelf and bought. I should be the one doing the shopping.

I should be the one judging them and seeing if they're worthy of my time.

The moment that thought crossed my mind I began exerting myself differently and started holding glances with every woman on the bus, old, young, it didn't matter. I was the man, and they knew it.

If you are always trying to prove your worthiness you still have beta tendencies, if you are the one looking for worth in others, you are the Alpha.

This is why Alphas can respect one another, they both recognize each others inherent nature.