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Power: the ability to choose who to fuck

May 27, 2015

A human being’s power in society is primarily defined by one ability: the ability to exclude others. The boss chooses who to hire. The cool kids choose who to befriend. The hot girls chose who to fuck and who to reject. That means our sexual power is defined by the ability to exclude others from having sex with us. Phrased a little more “sex-positively,” the power of men and women stems from their ability to choose who to have sex with. If you have that choice, you are powerful. If you lack that choice, you are weak.

An attractive man, good looking in both face and body, well dressed and groomed exuding wealth and professional success, with a great smile, commanding voice, charming personality, smarts to spare, and lots of interesting things to talk about – that guy is powerful. Why? He has his choice of women. He doesn’t need to consider fucking a woman that’s not pretty, not interesting, not kind and respectful, not smart, or that’s difficult to deal with, sexually or otherwise. And the women who want him know that, so they’ll bend over backward and make whatever compromises are needed to fuck him, on his terms, because the alternative would be to not fuck him at all and to have to settle for a less attractive man.

A less attractive man, average looking, average success, pleasant chump personality – that guy isn’t very powerful. Why? He doesn’t have his choice of women. He still has some sex, but it’s basically the few women willing to put out for him over his lifetime. It doesn’t matter if they’re pretty, respectful, sexually generous, or difficult bitches. They’re his only opportunities. He has the limited choice to fuck them, because they’re what’s available to him, or to fuck nobody. When he fucks them, it’s on their terms. When they want, how they want, and after jumping through whatever hoops and making whatever compromises they insist on. Because they’re his only chance and they know it.

An even less attractive man, who doesn’t make any effort at all, is completely powerless. Why? He has no options at all. Not even a yes/no choice. Women don’t just walk up to a man with nothing and offer themselves. A man who makes no effort doesn’t have sex at all. Women choose not to fuck him. They’re the ones with the power of choice.

A powerful man will therefore be a man who fucks a lot of women, or if he doesn’t for whatever reason, a man with the opportunity to fuck a lot of women. A man many women want to fuck.

Any woman who’s not completely ugly has power. Because unlike men, any woman – even the ones who make no effort – can still have at least some sexual opportunities. Most women have multiple sexual opportunities and revel in the ability to choose who to fuck and who to exclude. Unlike men, women can simply go to the club in a dress, sit down, and wait for fuck applicants to approach them, buy them drinks, and attempt to entertain them. At the end of the night, a woman goes home with her best offer, normally choosing from among multiple applicants. If she’s not feeling it, she may even choose none, because she knows she’ll have plenty of opportunities next weekend.

A powerful woman will therefore be a woman who rejects a lot of men. Her power lies in the ability to choose who to fuck.

Sexual freedom is the highest priority of women’s advocates in the world. Everything they’ve fought for has had the end goal of female power – the female ability to choose who to fuck. This is partly why rape is considered such a heinous crime, probably worse than murder. Rape is far more than just unwanted physical contact. If you beat the hell out of a woman, that’s bad, but raping her is a whole different level, because rape is sexual, not just physical. If you rape a woman, you’ve robbed her of her greatest power – the power to choose who to fuck. She didn’t choose you, but you stole her choice. Rape is about power, just ask feminists.

Abortion? Easy access to contraception? The healthcare landscape? Same deal. Pregnancy hinders a woman’s ability to choose who to fuck, so these are cornerstones of every woman’s advocate. Your wife’s pregnant but doesn’t want a second child? It’s her body. She can terminate as many of your pregnancies as she wants and you’d never know. Your wife’s been cheating, gets pregnant, has the baby, and after a running some tests, her doctor notices that the baby can’t possibly be yours? He can’t legally tell you. He and your wife speak privately about the baby’s medical care and test results and collude to keep everything hidden from you, put your name on the birth certificate, and have you raise that child as your own for two decades. Because…uh…it’s her body? She gets to choose who to have sex with and whether or not to cheat. Violating her privacy would hinder that choice.

The modern marriage? More of the same. A married woman has no obligation to fuck her husband. He’s not allowed to cheat. He’s not allowed to rape her. He’s not allowed to complain or pressure her into sex – that’s coercion. She unilaterally controls his sex life. He’s supposed to sit quietly and hope she chooses to have sex with him. The power is hers. She chooses, he hopes to be chosen. She’s his only option and she knows it. He does have an out: he can choose to pay her off. File for divorce, give her the house, half his assets, and write her a check every month for the foreseeable future. What’s that? He doesn’t want to lose his kids because he loves them? That’s silly. Men don’t care about shit like that, right? Women are the better parents who bond with children. They told me so. Men just care about sex and money.

Women’s advocates will proudly tell men that if they have a problem with this system, don’t worry – they’re fighting for the solution: economic parity. If you marry a wealthy professional woman, you don’t have to pay her as much to divorce her. And financially independent women are a great thing, because that’s more sexual freedom. They can choose to fuck more attractive men instead of whoring themselves out once a month to keep the paychecks coming from a loser husband.

The world is fighting hard for female power, and female power isn’t going away. Women will always have the power to choose who to fuck, and they will have to put in next to no work to have that power. It’s their birthright.

The Red Pill is one symptom of the male world’s reaction to this. Only a small minority of men get to taste that same power – the ability to choose which women to fuck – the ability to be more powerful than women while the women work (albeit often ineptly) for the attentions of worthy men. The male response to female power is pretty simple: grow stronger. Be that minority of men. The only other option is to quit.

They’ll never say it out loud, but women love the Red Pill. Not the anti-woman rants and shit talking we do around here. Not the idea that a guy might fake looking like he’s worth a shit and trick a woman into sex (robbing her of her power through deception). They love the end result – men who are actually powerful. Women want to be fucked silly by a man who’s more powerful than they are. But an unforeseen side effect of women’s advocacy has made that difficult. So many men have quit the game or have assumed their assigned role as a pleasant chump hoping to be chosen as a resource provider in exchange for an occasional fuck. Women got what they thought they wanted, and it sucks. What they really want is to be fucked silly by a man that’s worth a shit, which have become a commodity that’s in much shorter supply.

My friends, just by recognizing this, you are already a cut above the loser chumps of the world. Just walking up to a girl and being direct about your intentions, risking rejection, sets you apart from ninety percent of the universe. The time is so ripe for all of you. You can be one tenth of a badass and look better than every single man in the room, because men have forgotten how to be badass. You can bathe in pussy if you just do the work. Don’t do laundry, don’t do backrubs, don’t do gifts, don’t do feelings, just do the fucking work. Women don’t want to fuck money. They don’t want to fuck labor. They want to fuck men. They’ll occasionally whore themselves out for money and labor, but yearn for men. Don’t be money and labor. Be men.

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