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President of a country in my region considers introducing "a bachelor tax"

January 27, 2016

TL;DR When asked about the economic prospects in late 2014, president of a state within Bosnia and Herzegovina (SE Europe) said he wants to "stimulate people to get a job" and said he considers introducing a bachelor tax. The current unemployment rate in B&H is 44%.

Body: This is a bit older news, but it's the kind of thing one simply files in the back recesses of the brain only to have it emerge at a random moment in the future. I thought it was appropriate in Red Pill, so here I am posting it.

The president in question is called Milorad Dodik and he is a crass redneck who often shocks the foreign diplomats with his rude and arrogant remarks. Appearing in a national talk show, Dodik started ranting about the economy, which at this point requires massive monetary injections to sustain its overblown social program.

"There is another interesting aspect of this story, there are many people out there who talk about the falling birthrate [in our country], and there are countries who mandate a [snicker] bachelor tax - if you're not married by 35, you will have to pay a bachelor tax, which is quite hefty." Source (in Serbian only), starting from 1:11:30.

Conclusion: I've been thinking about the unrealistic expectations placed upon men a lot lately and this seems to fall squarely into that category. Men are expected to prop up the system they are in, no matter the consequences for their mental or emotional health.

This includes giving limb and life for your country, working shitty jobs for shitty wage, dealing with harpy women and snotty kids. If they won't, the government will force them into complying. But, punishment and fear of punishment can only generate so much productivity. In all cases, these systems require that men put up with it and "man up" or they inevitably fail under their own weight.

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