Summary: Men are instinctively repulsed by women with high partner counts and find it deeply unattractive. This is a healthy reaction, for reasons that can be well explained by biology, including the threat to our health and reproductive fitness. This is not a reaction that can be shamed by modern women out of a rational man, and not something any man should apologise for.

If you've read TRP for any decent length of time, you will have noticed several trends. The one I'm going to be looking at today is a woman's N count, and why men are turned off by this. This will also touch on a few other common ideas, including women being the gatekeepers of sex, as well as some biology.

Today's strong, self empowered women love to sleep around. It doesn't matter what delusions these women have, or what bullshit about how she's "taking control of her sexuality" she parrots. She's a modern independent woman! She can do what she wants, and what she wants is some good ol' cock. As long as it's Brad's or Chad's of course.

Whenever you see a woman complain about a guy having hangups about her past, the end result is inevitably shaming the male individual who dared have any standards in his long term partners. How dare he! She's damn proud of those 100 cocks she's had stuffed between her legs, and who is this asshole to say otherwise! How can he be so insecure?!

While it certainly is true that this MAY be the result of a man who is insecure -- and let's face it, with the types of men you sometimes read about in these stories, plenty of them have reason to be, given how much of a failure they are as men -- but sensible men will have the same reaction as well. I know my instinct to these women is one of disgust, and I'll explore that in a second.

This results in the hilarious contradiction and cognitive dissonance of them being filled with pride at the number of cocks who've filled their holes, while typically wanting to hide that number at any cost. Why? If they were truly proud of it, and the kind of men who don't like it are weak and worthless, why conceal this information? Nothing of value would be lost! Because they realise, even if subconsciously, that quality men are not attracted to this, at least when it comes to a long term relationship. There's also probably an element of avoiding ostracization and loss of social status from other women (who are some of the biggest slut shamers), since the feminist "you go girl, fuck anything that moves" attitude is relatively recent.


So why are men instinctively turned off by these women? Let's consider what's actually going on here. Instincts and emotions are cognitive shortcuts that motivate us towards taking certain actions. If you hear what sounds like the growl of an animal right behind you, you don't stop to run detailed calculations on this, you run the fuck away. Our ancestors that didn't ended up with their entrails lying on the floor:

"Hmm, an animal growl is right behind me. Based on the area and past history, there is only a 24.1% chance of this being an attack. Though it is now night which increases the.... AGHHHHH"

These cognitive shortcuts can backfire of course. They have limitations, and are "quick and dirty" calculations. But when you don't have the luxury of time, they're vital. Hence why we evolved to have them; they increased our genetic fitness and survival.

As humans, we are still animals, and subject to a lot of instincts. Some of these instincts conflict with life in the modern world, despite being very useful when we were hunter-gatherers on the African plains:

  • High calorie food was scarce, which is why we love to stuff salt, fat, and sugar down ourselves whenever we can. There are companies that exist for the sole purpose of exploiting this, and in an age where we have access to essentially unlimited food a short trip away, this results in obesity, diabetes, and numerous other health problems with no self control.

  • As a man, you've no doubt experienced violent urges towards those who have wronged you in some way. So as tempting as the idea is of punching the lights out of that prick who cut you up on the way into work and endangered your life with their shitty driving, the legal system will have something to say about it if you do.

  • A man generally being willing to fuck (read: father children) with as many women as he can works very well when he doesn't have to invest resources in them and can run away at any time. It works disastrously in a society that will bleed him dry and threaten to jail him for non compliance.

We all have to moderate our instincts to function in society. As rational beings we are capable of overriding these, and can recognise when they are not serving our interests. Just remember as well that these are part of living and they're not intrinsically bad.


So why would a man ever have such instincts? We need to look at biology to find the answer.

For much of our evolutionary history, there have been dramatically different costs in reproducing for men and women. A man needs access to a vagina for a few minutes, some sperm, and bam, he can have some kids. A woman needs to nourish the child while it comes to term, takes significant health risks in giving birth, and then has to make sure the kid has what it needs to survive. She can't stop the father from running off.

Women are also the bottleneck in reproducing. If she makes a bad choice, she can't just quickly cancel it off and try again. Because of the differing costs in reproduction, the consequences of sex vary dramatically. A woman needs to be very careful. If she fucks some weak beta and has some scrawny kid who quickly dies, she's taken a lot of health risks and invested huge resources for nothing. A sensible woman limits access to her vagina to strong, worthy men. Hence women being the gatekeepers of sex.

Men had almost no cost in reproducing. An attractive man could impregnate huge numbers of women and there was no means to force him to spend resources. All he had to worry about was gaining access to that pussy, and a few health considerations. He was in complete control of what he spent his resources on, thus men being the gatekeepers of commitment. While this still applies when it comes to LTRs, it's only recently that the state has prevented this when actual children are involved. Biologically though, this is irrelevant, and it costs him very little. Hence difference in the willing of men and women to respond to offers for sex.

Because of this, partner counts have different meanings. A man with a lot of partners does pose an increased health risk to a woman, but he's worth it because he must be fucking awesome if all those women wanted his cock. A woman could reach that count just by spreading her legs if she wanted.

So if a man comes across a woman who spread her legs over and over, here comes the killer question: what is wrong with her? Why is she making such stupid choices? Why can't she keep anyone? And why should he fuck this person with no standards who might give him something. Even if he can leave her as soon as he's finished, it may not be worth the risk, and don't even get started on actually sticking around and giving up hard earned resources to this defective and worthless person.

Being repulsed by something is a protective mechanism for our survival, and as a means of increasing our genetic fitness. Our ancestors that displayed this behaviour survived longer and had more children than those who did not. Avoiding such women is a good way of reducing exposure to disease, and wasting resources. Hence why high N counts are not attractive.


  • High partner count women are unattractive to men. This is because they pose significant health risks, it suggests they have poor impulse control and engage in other deleterious behaviours, they have an increased risk of mental health issues, and are significantly more likely to be a genetic dead end and a waste of resources.

  • If an item is the last one on the shelf, there's probably a reason for it. It may be okay, or it may be damaged, or have a close expiry date. A woman with a high N count is the same. There's probably a good reason why so many men had no interest in her beyond her holes.

  • While a rational man should not be ruled by his instincts, remember that they do still have a place in modern society. They do not always gel, but those instincts do exist for a reason, and fundamentally influence a lot of our behaviour at some level.

  • Men should never be ashamed of their revulsion to high N count women, and not be shamed into silence.

  • Remember that if you do choose to use these women as plates or one night stands, they are still an increased risk. Condoms do not protect against every disease, and there's an increased risk she'll do something really crazy. There is no such thing as completely consequence free sex. Make informed decisions about your health and lifestyle.

  • People do not typically hide things they are proud of. Women lying about their N count tells you all you need to know: despite their words, they're ashamed of it and know good men don't like it.