I started my life as an AFC/BP, then I discovered PUA, and it worked for me, and yet I was still not satisfied with my life.

Then I met TRP and the very first time it pissed me off. A few months later I came back and I realized that TRP pissed me off because it was correct. That was almost 2 years ago, and while I swallowed the pill, I am still digesting it and metabolizing it. It takes time.

Today I have realized something about me. I used to be an accomplished PUA, and yet looking in retrospect I was still very much Blue Pill; that's what it is.

PUA taught me how to be liked by women enough that they will have sex with me. Pure and simple. It works, and it works ver well, under those premises.

TRP taught me:

  • to become the man that I've always wanted to be but never dared,

  • to stop chasing after women

  • to increase my standards when it comes to women

  • to start living my own life

  • to enjoy life

and, as a byproduct, to enjoy being chased by women. Not that women now throw themselves at me, but in their own subtle way they are the ones who approach me, and I am the the one who rejects them, just as subtly.

I am not the poster child for TRP, I have a long way to go; and while I agree with the major principles of TRP I don't agree with all the posts on this sub which often concentrate of approaching/gaming/picking up women and not on cultivating one's persona, becoming a great human being, and living one's own dream life.