Quick tips to Staying Lit: Non-Sidebar Review

August 9, 2017

*Red Pill GOLD I have acquired from 3 years of Lurking this Sub. THIS IS REVIEW. Make sure you didn't miss any of this! *

Lean back not forward.

Do not seek validation from others. You are good enough. You are good enough for you. That's all.

You are a man, and she is a woman, that's enough no matter what. Everything else is a shit test. Everything is a shit test. Women test you constantly. -> IGNORE, agree and amplify, "You're soo right about me, I'm actually really like that!" /sarcasm.

Get some sun. Shower. Deodorize. Hair product. Floss. Style.

Never feel obligated to explain yourself to anyone.

Try flipping the pressure: "Are you Okay?" -> "I'm great, How are you?"

2/3rds rule. If a woman talks 3 times, texts 3 times, talk or text 2 times. Every time. Her 3 to your 2.

Let people talk about themselves, be a good listener, be genuinely interested and genuinely kind yet firm. Be stoic. Maintain frame.

Stick to your principles. It does not matter what you are confident about as long as you are in fact confident. Confidence is the #1 thing women are drawn to. Experience builds confidence. Approach.

Lift. Cardio. Diet healthy. Happy body, happy mind.

Live for now, anxiety is living in the future with worry, depression is living in the past with regret. Throw that shit in the trash. Live for today. Plan ahead. Let it go. Don't stress.

Have a good day. At the end of each day make sure you are closer to your goals and who you wanna be. In time you will become who you wanna be.

Avoid alcoholism and drug addiction like the plague, everything in moderation. You do not need a lot of something to enjoy it, too much of anything is a bad thing.

Bad things happen to good people. Such is life. Stay alert, stay confident. Seek spiritual peace.

Make more money than your women, or lie and say you do. Someone asks where you work ? Strip club. You do not owe anyone anything, or any info. Make sure your white lies are seen as having fun. Girls just wanna have fun. Have fun with them.

Do not get married. Unless it is on your terms (very rare). Do not get married too young. Even then, what do you stand to gain from marriage ? Tread carefully here. Long term relationships are the red pill on expert mode.

Hold off on having kids. Make sure you're ready. Kids are a financial responsibility. Are you stable financially enough for this ?

Divorce rape happens every day. Men lose their entire kingdom over one fight or falling out. Courts may fuck you and side with the women. Are you willing to risk this ?

Look everyone in the eyes. If someone looks you in the eyes longer than you look them in the eyes, they are stronger. No need to intimidate. Simply smirk, nod, smile, laugh. Remember you are confident.

If a women looks abruptly at the ground, bends over, or gestures to you by staring, smiling, waving, or doing a double take, this is her invitation for Approach. Their deepest desire is for you to see it.

Kino. Increase physical contact inch by inch. Hand on the thigh. Did she pull away ? Hold her hand. Its all 4 play fam. Do not kiss unless you're ready to fuck. No need to rush, do not let yourself get friend zoned and you will not be friend zoned.

Don't be a creep. Go for girls who are legal and willing. Society will shit all over you, stay vigilant.

Your mission comes before everything else in life. Your mission is more important than women, than friends. Pick a long term goal, a mission. This is your meaning in life. It is ok to take your time on this.

Stick to a budget, people "good with money" all stick to a budget. This is adult life.

Stand up straight. Shoulders broad. Walk slowww.

Talk slow. Make your words count.

Be narcissistic, be red pill, be psychopathic, be manipulative. Do what you must do to get what you want.

Women desire a man who "sees what he wants, then goes and gets it" this is evolutionary. Bring home the kill. Bring home the bacon. Or you are disposable. Such is life.

The first rule of fight club, is you do not talk about fight club. It will only bring shame and trouble.

Live it, do not say it, talk is cheap. Actions over words. Reals before feels.

Get a good nights sleep. Meditate. Enjoy life.


  • Full_Time-Lurker

PS - Remember to be open minded. People know a lot of stuff that you do not know. Listen & Learn.

*PROTIP - Misogyny is not the goal here. Healthy relationships, self-improvement, getting laid, and happiness. Above all else. FREEDOM. SUCCESS. Keep trying. You will fail. Keep trying. These are the goals. Good luck.

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