"R1gged, what you just did there, I've never felt like this before"

"I feel great. The orgasm you gave me has liberated me."

"Just come and thurst it inside me. Don't say anything. I'll be ready. Hurry up xoxo."

"If you keep going on like this I'll get addicted."

"It's like for those moments, you're controlling me with a remote control."


Last six months I've heard lines like these multiple times. I've seen how girls, when given a good one, will practically move mountains just to keep you. I've had a plate finding out about my other plates. We were watching the flix on my computer and my WhatsApp was logged in, she saw how I was getting bombed by texts from two girls (I should have been more careful. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SIGN OUT). One was complaining about me never answering calls and replying to texts, (I have read receipts off. DO IT IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY. THANK ME LATER.) The other very explicitly stated that she wanted me to "do her the way I did her the last time." I know I know, I should have been more careful.

That plate who found out actually didn't mind it all. She tried showing she was pissed but I could see that it wasn't genuine. She actually got more turned on. This was the time I realised so much of RP knowledge is actually true. Give a girl a good orgasm and she really won't care much about who you're seeing, and she'll worship the ground you walk upon. There are exceptions though, that goes without saying.

Was I always like this?

No. Fuck no. Not in my wildest dreams. It was never meant to be. I never even imagined myself being the guy who's able to make girls dependent on his genitals. That was never me. But here I am. From being in a 3 year old sexless LTR, to having touch-and-go orgasms, even seeing the utter disappoinment and disgust on the girls face right after I deloaded. From building it up by taking her to an expensive restaurant and an expensive room, to simply jizzing in 0.065 milli seconds, and then passing out for the night, I have seen it all.

But here I am.

What exactly changed? Like I said before, I never even thought of myself to be "That guy". The guy who gives girls amazing orgasms. But here I am. It didn't get here overnight. It was a long struggle of consistent efforts with tons of failures and mild successes.


The ending of my 3-year sexless LTR (she claimed she was a virgin lol), we were 26 when we starting seeing each other. And I friggin believed her. That was my level of BP. Nevertheless, the breakup was God's way of waking me up, and I'm grateful and thankful that it happened sooner than later. Devastated post my break-up, I was lead to TRP. I chugged the sidebar, joined the gym, took an oath to practice yoga and meditation daily. Not the yoga you see on Instagram or Los Angeles or Bali. This is a proper yoga I learnt from a spiritual master.

I kept up my practices for years. Did SL 5x5 in the gym. Can squat 5 reps of 120 kgs. Grew my chest size, arms and thighs. With the yoga, I was doing a lot of inner work, intimate breath work, energy channeling via the locks etc. I also got on NoFap and SR. Started continually having streaks of 90+ days.

Then I started spinning plates. Since the past 2 years, at any given point I have had atleast 5 plates on rotation.


I still sucked in bed. I got too excited and came too fast. The times when I performed good were just exceptions. Premature Ejaculation (PE) was the norm for your boy. My RP and stoic ways attracted girls but the moment we hit the sheets, it almost always ended with disappointment on both the people involved. I was tired. I told myself "fuck this" and gave myself a 3 month break from plating and went full on monk mode. I was already used to SR and NF, so it wasnt difficult.

Regardless of this, I maintained my yogic practices, and kept expanding on them. The practices grew deeper and expanded. I learnt new modules and included them in my practice. I practice 2 times a day without fail. I have to complete a 40-day cycle where everyday I practice 2 times a day. If I miss a session, I start all over. Each session is 1 hour 45 mintues, so that means I was practicing yoga 3.5 hours a day in total. My practice involved: asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), bandhas (locks), dhayana (focused meditation) and japa (chanting).


Lockdown restrictions were removed and I was geting hornier. I got back into the game. Only this time, I appraoched the lays with a different mindset. Not that I put much effort into the mindset, it kind of came naturally. That is why it is so important to take yourself away from everything and go monk mode for a while. After a handful of ecstatic session, I obversed myself from a distance and realised what changed. Let me explain to you this mindset and the methods I used:

  1. During intercourse, previously I was too focused on thrusting and satisfying my partner. I also got excited really quick. Blame the porn movies for this. (Seriously, most of us get the idea that sex happens like in the porn movies, but trust me, thats not the right way, atleast in my experience). But this time, I "went in" and I took a deep breath, and I just enjoyed myself. I didn't thurst. I was in no rush. I'm absolutely relaxed, even though I'm aroused. When I'm inside, it's more like, "I am living inside the pussy". I just kept myself comfortable, and just explored the pussy with my penis like I owned the fucking place. Checking out every room, every corner. This usually drives the plates wild.
  2. I go on for 15-20 minutes. Slowly I keep gaining more and more control over my penis and my orgasm. This is where I have seen that my yoga practices, especially the locks, help. The "perinnial lock", or the "mulabandha", which is something similar to kegels, I think once mastered, one can really make a huge difference in self control, without losing strength or firmness, or ejaculating. The perinnial lock has been the key for me to really make my sessions last 40-50 mins.
  3. Slowly with more control, I am able to thurst really hard, making them scream. Then I slow down again. Change position if need be. But throughout the session I am in control. I can feel the control. The plate feels it too. And it drives them crazy (in a good way).
  4. One plate very explicitely told me the difference between 2 sessions of ours, spaced 2 hours apart. The first session was more of the classic r1gged, which involved lots of pumping and thursting, lasted longer than I did previously though, around 15 minutes. It did make her orgasm, but she told me that it hurt too. The next one, she herself told me, "the way you did it, I enjoyed each and every movement, and it didn't hurt of at all. The entire experience was 100% pleasurable."
  5. So I guess it is just about being in the moment and awareness, without getting too excited. One needs to "feel it" or, "get into the feelz", and take it slowly, and most importantly, enjoy oneself. Really, sex is pleasurable. You have to be in it for your pleasure. Most men make the mistake of trying to please their partner, while totally ignoring how they feel. I have noticed, if you take control of your pleasure, your partner's pleasure will dance to your tune, and you will experience something wonderful i.e. both of you orgasming at the same time. After orgasming my partner told me that that was the most "masculine" thing she ever experienced.
  6. For me, I have started to feel orgasms without ejaculating. Yes its possible! And that is a boon for all men, especially those with PE. So after me and my partner orgasm, I keep going on, slowly, then with speed, then slowly again, all the time I'm only thinking about great it feels to be inside her. How great I feel and how great my cock feels. And I need to treat my cock.
  7. To me, it feels like I have the remote control to how she feels, and that remote control is my cock. That is the frame of mind I am trying to explain here. And this frame of mind comes when you take your pleasure into your own hands, and just enjoy yourself without any limitations. One doesn't really have to thurst hard. Leave that to the porn stars. And that hurts the girl! You don't wanna hurt her.

Sorry if this is a long post. This is my first such post not only on TRP, but on Reddit, in my lifetime. I'm only trying to explain how I feel, and how its worked out for me. My intention is to share my success story with my male fraternity, who I support unrelentlessly, hoping my tips can help them find success.

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