I come from a martial family. The men in my family are expected to spend at least some time in the military. Being from a rural area, I thought this was the norm until I began to travel, ironically, as part of my military duty.

In 1976, my uncle stopped wearing his West Point class ring. He eventually would come to wear it again, but in his view the school would be forever diminished as of that year. For those who don't know, that was the year the first women were allowed into the US Military Academy. Years ago, I asked him why he felt this way and his response was interesting.

He said that some of the women, especially at the beginning, were certainly qualified. But, that wasn't the point. The point was that, over time, the entire system would be diminished as it would lose the inherent masculinity that is required to cultivate warriors.

Now, 40 years after his own revelation, I am having mine. In a week's time, it is very likely that a woman (and probably two) will graduate from Ranger School. As my uncle took off his ring, I will be removing the tab from any place of prominence on either my uniform or my residence.

Before I continue, I want to be clear that I'm not maligning the women who will likely make it through the course. Even if the standards were dropped to ensure their passage (and I don't know that they have), these women, on an individual level, have earned my respect. Yes, I'm saying this on TRP--shocking, I know. They recycled the first phase--twice; as someone who recycled the course, I can tell you how psychologically horrible this is. But, they continued. They continued on through mountain and swamp phases, and ultimately, as the course stands now, it just could not have been made "easy." So, these women have my respect.

But, that's not the point. Ultimately, over time, the course will be diminished by feminine presence. The reason is two fold. First, it will be diminished simply because women, in general, are not as martial as men. The warrior culture, already diminished in the Army writ large, will begin to erode in those few areas where it remains: infantry, armor, and special operations forces. It will happen little by little, so that no one will notice until two decades from now, 75th Ranger Regiment soldiers will be throwing baby showers for their female compatriots. This is not martial culture.

The other reason is political. Nearly 20 women started the course; two remain. These 20 had much more focused train-up than any man is ever allowed. And, they had a roughly 90% attrition rate, versus the male rate of 60% or so. If it were apples-to-apples, the rate would likely be more like 99%-99.9% attrition for women. These discrepancies will be attributed by PC screamers to discrimination, and not even application of physical standards. And so, military leaders will, over time, capitulate to their PC overlords and lower standards until the Ranger School I attended simply is no more. For a historical example, look no further than Airborne School.

I could go on and talk about the damaging affect that this will have on the military, but that's not the point of this post. Instead, I simply want to point out that this action goes to something deeper, and broader, than the US military.

Women's entry into Ranger School is only one more step in the continuing destruction of masculine bonding. Whether by design or as an afterthought, corporate-leftist-feminism has relentlessly destroyed male spaces. It labels masculine bonding as "toxic" and seeks to root it out wherever it is found, from the NFL to military combat arms to fraternities.

It can be found everywhere. After leaving the military, I sought a masculine space and found it in a mixed martial arts gym. I have deep respect for my coaches and teammates, and express this regularly. When I go to train, my wife (yes, I'm married, heresy I know) will often toss out shit tests including phrases like "rolling around with sweaty dudes" and claiming I have a "gay relationship" with my teammates. Of course, these have zero effect on my training regimen, but it occurs to me that this is no ordinary shit test.

Instead, women have been instructed in a myriad of ways to undermine masculine bonding. As such, my wife's attacks on my BJJ training are close cousins to feminine imposition into Ranger School, the NFL, and the few remaining outlets for masculine bonding.

To be sure, not all of this is planned. Ultimately, I think women just don't understand respect without sexuality. And so, when a man expresses deep respect for another man, to a woman, he must be, on some level, sexually attracted to him. Because of this difference, women don't really understand masculine bonding,which requires deep respect that must be gained by competence and discipline alone and cannot have any sexual component. This deep misunderstanding means that women will inherently see sexuality in places where it does not exist, very hierarchical places, and will thus be extremely uncomfortable with those places. Thus, activist women will seek to undermine those spaces because they are perceived to be exploitive and repressive, when in fact the opposite is true.

Ultimately, all male spaces that are held dear by society are under assault by leftist-feminism. Make no mistake: these people want masculine bonding, and male spaces, destroyed. And, until and unless the zombies come, it's going to happen.

The alternative is to create "under the radar" spaces. Jack Donovan has a great idea on the matter. Personally, I'm going to start a hunting and shooting club.

TRP is a good outlet. Little signs of defiance like GLOs t-shirts are nice as well. However, if you really care about these matters, it's time to move out of cyberspace and memespace and begin to build these groups now. Start small. Stay under the radar. Be selective about who you allow to become a member of your tribe. And don't, under any circumstances, let your spaces become infected with the pussification that is now rampant in the degenerate West.