Red Reminder - Women Are Simple. Don’t Take Them Too Serious

October 13, 2020

Women are simple creatures.

They are cute little playthings here to submit; to suck fuck and you, cook, do your laundry, and be cute and feminine, supporting you and your pursuits.

They are very simple in their thinking because they don’t need to be anything else. They never developed past that because they never needed to.

Men did all the thinking. Men did all the hunting. Men did all the hunting. Etc. Men needed to have these capabilities because men are the primary drivers of societal advancement. Men always have been.

This isn’t from a neckbeard meninist point of view.

Ever wondered why the conversations women have are always about their boyfriends, celebrities, new clothes, or something along those lines?

Ever wondered why women don’t really get, nor are interested, in anything deep, from how machinery works to the search for enlightenment?


Men are the drivers of society, and taking women too serious always causes problems. The moment women get taken too seriously (for example, get brought into the workplace) is when shit goes south.

The men in the past understood this. That changed, hence the head throbbing irrationality of women’s movements such as third-wave feminism and the false sexual assault claims of #metoo, which grow as a result of clueless soyboys who just take women too damn serious. Nothing you can do about that though.

So, how is this useful to you?

Just don’t go trying to have deep intellectual conversations with women. Don’t go “soul searching” looking for the perfect girl that will finally understand you. If you aim for that you’ll never be satisfied with your women.

In the relationships you do get in, whether platonic or more long-term, the way to keep a woman happy is to always treat her like children. Give her tasks and ways to please you. Reward her when she does. Punish her when she displeases you with a removal of attention. Train her as if she is your little puppy. Never try to talk to her about anything deep, she doesn’t understand nor does she care.


ALL women are simple, one dimensional little playthings.

The plight of society was (and always has been) taking them too damn seriously.

They’re simple little creatures.

Treat em like children.

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