Reddit Admin give /r/TheRedPill a Stay of Execution

October 1, 2019

In a surprising twist, we received a new notice today from the same reddit admin as yesterday informing us that we have been spared from our immediate closure. We have been granted a stay of execution.

Proof is Here

This is a very strange twist indeed but we are grateful to have more time on this platform. Since yesterday's closure seemed imminent to us, we let a few cats out of the bag- namely that we were finishing our redesign of Forums.Red and had originally aimed to have it ready by December 2019.

Our original plan was not to move /r/theredpill but to open ancillary forums on the new platform.

I can't say exactly how the next few months will play out, but here's what we do plan to do:

  • According to the notice from the admin, we have some compliance issues. We want to find out what those issues are from the admin and rectify them.
  • We will finish our Forums.Red Platform independent of what happens on Reddit.
  • As soon as it is ready, a red pill forum will be opened on
  • However we will not be closing

Some people have suggested we made this up to push traffic to our other site. We didn't. Why would we push people to when it wasn't ready (and was slow as death because it wasn't ready?!) Take a look at and then look at our redesign we're working on: It doesn't check out.

I'll ask /u/acuddlybabytapir to weight in and verify that we got these messages and have not altered them.

In the mean time, let's continue doing what we're here for: Rule Zero

TRP's mission is to discuss men's identity, sexual strategy, and options in the context of our current global culture for the benefit of men. Anyone who does not share that goal will be banned the instant we detect them. We are not interested in debating or defending our experiences to those who disagree with the red pill, nor do we want to clog up our threads defending the morality of our choices.

While we intend to fully cooperate with Reddit's rules and Admin, they have shown us today that they are not above making mistakes. Make sure you subscribe to for a safe meeting place if anything were to happen to us here.

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