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Reggie Yates documentary on the manosphere - A review

December 16, 2015

For those of you who aren't aware, there was recently an hour long documentary put together in the UK on the manosphere. I recently watched this and have put together a review so that you won't have to waste your time watching it.


In short, the "documentary" - and I use the term loosely - by Reggie Yates on BBC 3 entitled "Men at war" (a part of his "Extreme UK" series) doesn't seem to actually understand the topic they're covering. (If you're wondering who Reggie Yates is... just consider him a minor celebrity from the UK.) In addition to this, the choice of language Reggie uses gives a clear indication of his biases and prejudice. His mind doesn't seem open to any of their views in the first place. Most of the men featured in this have their statements put forward and then (if they did justify the view afterwards) their justification or logic behind the statement is edited out. So this is pretty standard misrepresentation and spreading of misinformation about the manosphere.

Reggie himself is a feminist supporter because "I have sisters and like they need to be allowed to blossom" or some such nonsense. Demonstrating that he hasn't actually done his research properly. Everybody here knows that feminism is not a cut-and-dry "we want equality for women" movement. It does not act that way when you research it properly and you don't have to look far to find this evidence. A brief youtube search will find videos full of evidence. Stop assuming feminism can do no wrong Reggie, they can, have, and continue to do so.

The Review

So let's hack this shite into a few pieces. First off, they're poisoning the well rather nicely from the outset. When the show is called "Extreme UK" it's automatically suggesting that anyone who participates in the manosphere is an extremist of some description. (Nobody here could possibly be remotely reasonable, durr!)

A major issue for Reggie is that he is from another world where the problems we talk about don't actually exist. In the realms of celebrity, your SMV is artificially inflated so he'd never have any reason to seek out advice from the likes of Roosh and has no incentive to truly consider what he has to say. Roosh himself is misrepresented through some clever editing. Once again it is the issue of keeping the outrageous statements and skipping over any logic or reason to back them up. Reggie notes that the men going to Roosh's talk don't want to be seen and says this is odd... but then never tries to actually understand why. There is no further attempt to research and understand why these actions are being taken. This is a familiar theme in the documentary: they take statements and behaviours of people and portray them in a way to make them seem as absurd as possible and then never try to make any sense out of it. It is quite literally the definition of how not to make a documentary.

Which brings him to his discovery of MGTOW. When the community hears he's trying to interview some of them, the community itself closes ranks and advises everyone to stay away and keep their faces well away from this. Again, Reggie makes no attempt to understand this, instead he remarks while chuckling "we haven't even done anything yet." - Again, trying to portray them as stupid instead of actually trying to comprehend their behaviour. I've said before that the BBC is horrendously biased, and many of the MGTOWs pointed this out too. Reggie dismisses this without any thought. By this point I'm starting to wonder if he's actually capable of independent thought. His behaviour suggests he isn't.

Next, the first interview with Milo Yiannopoulos is absurdly short. It has about 2 minutes of screen time. He builds up Milo as someone worth talking to and then gives him about 3 sentences worth of air time beyond the "hi, how are you" intro bit. Seriously Reggie? You think this is making a quality documentary?

The biggest problem that Reggie faces is that his mind is closed. When you see him discussing false rape with the 18yr old MRA, Reggie states "rape is happening on every street" which is an utterly absurd claim when you look at the stats. (You should be happy Reggie. We live in a society where gang rape isn't a bonding ritual and rite of passage like it is in some parts of Africa.) If the MRA took him to task on that, then it was cut during editing and the statement is left out there like some universal truth. The whole rape culture myth is probably one of the most damaging myths our society currently spreads. It's extremely disheartening to see it so casually reaffirmed. He's basically just a mouthpiece for the mainstream. There's no analysis or research going on here. I'd probably get a better level of research from a school kid.

Reggie comes back to check on how the MGTOWs have responded to his call for an interview. And the MGTOWs have basically told him to fuck off... quite literally. Some of the abuse is directed at his race and it's simply not making the MGTOWs look very good. Giving him precisely the ammunition he needs to portray them negatively.

So now he moves on to talk to Laurie Penny who does the standard complaint about abusive messages etc etc. No point delving into the fact that this happens to both feminists and MRAs Reggie... no, that would be balanced reporting and you're too busy doing a hatchet job. Seriously, there is no analysis of her views or what she says... it's just a pity party for the fact some idiots send her mean messages and shop her face into porn pics (if this is the worst thing that happens to you... oh boy have you had an easy life!)

But no hatchet job is complete without returning to Roosh for the piece de resistance: quote mining Roosh's books and who could forget that "make rape legal" piece he wrote. Basically all of the most retarded things Roosh has ever written being read back to back in the space of 60 seconds. Then he describes him as the "mammoth of the manosphere." Great... In fairness to Reggie, he does keep in the explanations Roosh gives for these things... but it seems like the well has already been poisoned and he describes Roosh as attempting to act like a victim. Which he does because he is partially a victim - he was assaulted in Canada. We just see what we already know, that Roosh isn't the brightest penny in the fountain when it comes to PR.

The whole thing ends on a rather odd note where he talks relatively coherently on the issue of male role models. He uses this to have a dig at the men in the manosphere having "issues" and "inadequacies." Makes you wonder what he'd make of the role models here on TRP. Perhaps he could interview GLO on the topic of treating women like children? He wraps it up saying that all these men really need is just a confidence boost. That's a nice coat of gloss to put over pretty much everything you've missed.

I don't think Reggie is a bad person. He seems like an affable kind of guy, but I think he's probably just too lightweight to deal with something like the manosphere. (Also, an hour is nowhere near long enough to actually do a proper documentary on it. They'd need to do a series of hour long episodes to explain it all properly.) In summary, the research was poor and there was a lot of quote mining to simply reinforce the mainstream image and portray all of this as a large number of extremists. It's what we've come to expect from the BBC... they are feminists through and through. It is their religion. They blindly believe everything without question and parrot it all back to the viewing public. I wouldn't bother watching this: it's just another misrepresentation.

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