Remember: TRP is about Sexual Strategy, not hate.

June 24, 2018

I’ve completed the 5 stages of TRP a long time ago. I’ve gone through the hamstering denial, felt the blinding rage of anger, put out all my bargaining chips, experienced dark and morbid depression, and incorporated the satiating acceptance that objective reality has to offer.

I am well past the point of red pill rage, the most notorious phase of the five stages that induces so much heart pained stress and hatred toward women. I do not hate women, no. I bask in their presence, because they remind me that I am yet a man.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy being in relationships. Particularly after swallowing the pill. I love the sweet smell of a woman’s neck even when she’s not wearing perfume, the way her legs shake during sex from crushing her internal organs, the way her bright eyes beg for your attention, and the way she effortlessly carries herself in the kitchen when she makes you something to eat; my favorite part is smacking her ass while she does it.

However, the greatest price we pay for love is excruciating pain. The pain of loss. Or the pain of betrayal. Because sooner or later, she’ll find herself spreading her soaking thighs for someone else, wrapping her beautiful pink lips around another man’s cock, making breakfast for him in the morning, and giving no second thought to you. It’ll be as if you never existed. And if she cheated, you mattered so little to her, that you were never even part of the equation. Welcome to the red pill. We have 400 degree 20-foot high flames, burnt body parts flying everywhere, dead souls, and coffee in the lobby. Make yourself at home.

But every relationship ends. Life ends. And if that’s the case, we should take advantage of the pleasures life has to offer, even if there’s a price. Pain, pleasure, everything is temporary,

TRP may advocate staying away from relationships and marriage altogether, but that’s only one lifestyle of many. There are plates, promoted plates, significant others, girlfriends, and wives. Go to your emotion tailor and find out what relationship suit fits you best, if you haven’t already.

What led us here, however, is that one relationship that donkey kicked us in the face, simultaneously punched us in the dickhole, and forcefully poured an entire bottle of red pills as we screamed in pure, unadulterated agony. It wasn’t pleasant, but it happened.

And now that we’re here, now that the rage is gone and we’ve iced our dicks for a while, there’s a need for something more than just sticking our dick and balls into a nice warm hole every night.

The issue isn’t love. The issue is in the deterrence of pain. How do we fall in love, maintain sexual attraction, and minimize the chances of infidelity all at once?

Let’s find out.

The way love feels is the same for both sexes. The way in which men and women fall in love is different. Feminine love is fueled by awe and fear. Masculine love is fueled by respect and loyalty.

Men date down, and marry down. Women date up, and marry up. Men like to dominate, women like to be dominated. A woman looks up to a man. A man looks down at her. Simple concepts.

This is the biggest issue by far is the following:

When a man falls in love with a woman, the very same affection and commitment that she wants and receives from him decreases her sexual and emotional attraction to him.

It’s mental absurdity, but not without a logical answer and solution.

On the spectrum of energy, pure 100% alpha male will energy will attract women. But never settles down.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is 100% beta energy. It will never sexually attract women, but is capable of settling down.

Our counterparts over at RedPillWomen know that neither extreme is an option for a long term relationship. In their words, a Captain must be well balanced with traits from both extremes. Strong and confident, but capable of committing and providing.

Many men have already experienced the blue pill extreme. And, assuming said men have increased their sexual market value and have experienced the anger phase, they will have gone through the red pill extreme, as well. Qualities of both the beta and alpha extremes will have been acquired.

Much to their surprise, these same men have no idea they’re now capable of stable relationships where the delicate balance of sexual attraction is both increased and decreased in same amounts from day to day, maintaining a balanced equilibrium.

Again, this can only happen when we experience both the blue pill and red pill in their own respective phases. One on hand, the blue pill teaches us how to love someone, to protect and provide. On the other, the red pill reaches us how to love ourselves, take no shit, never to compromise our values, and stand up for what we voraciously believe in. And how will the red pill extremes be effortless? Easy:

A man will do everything he can to avoid pain, so he evolves to become his own protector.

He must experience the pain of betrayal so he can avoid it by spotting the signs and walking away. He must experience the pain of being disrespected by his colleagues so he can avoid it and orate his thoughts in his own defense. He must experience the pain of being ignored by people who don’t care about him so he can avoid it and find better friends. He must experience the pain of being so in love with a woman, and so infatuated, that when he discovers himself being walked all over and disrespected, he’ll avoid it and stand up to her instead.

We are all born with beta traits. Of that we have. But alphas traits are not inherited. They are forged.

Have a good week, you mad fucks.

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