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[Repost] Roles, respect and responsibility acceptance as an alpha trait

October 15, 2016

This is a repost of a piece I wrote a year ago. We've just had somebody bitching at the mods for banning someone who called a post dumb and the mod was "not alpha." This style of interaction does not fit for a man who's internalised TRP. This post will shed some light on how the interactions between alpha men work and how they can work best. The complete repost along with old context follows.

TL:DR - There is no TL:DR of this. Poor role understanding within the sub has caused the mods to have to post about the leadership and direction of the sub multiple times in the past 12 months. This post tries to solve the root of the problem. If you believe in the overall goals of the sub, then you'll read it in full.

I recently posted a mini-analysis of the functioning of the sub using an analogy of a military base that didn't quite know the role of every academy graduate. This was an attempt to explain why we keep seeing people questioning the direction of the sub and positing how to solve it as a long term issue.

Keeping with that analogy, we essentially see the squaddies thinking that they can run the base better than the base commander. When the squaddie challenges the drill sergeant on methods of training... they're surprised to be called into the base commander's office and get told they're going to be thrown out. "But... you said that command was always open to ideas? That this is a place where we care about debate and understanding reality ahead of everything else? Without caring about language?"

Yeah, we do. But you fucked up your basic social skills. It's also why your attitude probably isn't working quite so well in the field. Achievements through numbers rather than skill. This is because (while some dominant alphas have natural genetics making them good looking enough that they can pretty much get away with murder) you don't have the ability to completely ignore social etiquette. You can bend it a little maybe... but you're not Jagger. He can ignore all social etiquette and send three 9/10s back to his hotel room to wait for him. You on the other hand, when you ignore social etiquette, it's a demonstration of low SMV. Poor social skills.

Alphas generally don't have poor social skills. So what does this mean to be an alpha without being an 11/10 superstar? It means you've got a role to play. If you understand the game and the goal, then you'll find your role. With women, playing the role of the modern dominant alpha will give her the tingles because women like to put guys in boxes. It increases your SMV once you end up in that box in her mind. While this particular bit of info isn't the main thing I want to discuss here, I wanted to demonstrate that an alpha knowing how to play his role is a positive thing for pure sexual strategy. However the crux of this is going to diverge slightly to address how a group of alpha male leaders work best together.

Firstly, I'd like to make a side note about AMOGing which I like to call the AMOG fallacy. This is the idea that when someone AMOGs, he is the alpha of the group. This is an oversimplification. While he may be the apex alpha in terms of status, this does not mean that all other members of the group are beta. Following that logic would suggest that only /u/RedPillSchool is alpha on the sub and everyone else is consequently beta. That the base commander is the only alpha simply because his captains, sergeants, squad leaders and trainees all have to obey him. The football team out drinking will have an apex alpha in the group, but that doesn't make the rest of the group are betas. There's a reason such groups and fraternities all get laid - because they're all alpha, whether it be by status or, more importantly, behaviour.

/u/Whisper recently made a post (which amused me greatly) about Gronk! For those of you who didn't read it, Gronk! is the typical example of an insecure alpha wannabe who seems to be under the impression that alpha is achieved by dominating everyone around you and demonstrating you have the biggest muscles, the greatest height, the biggest dick, the most swollen balls and the purest testosterone. He tries to AMOG everyone. Have you ever met a Gronk! before? His social skills are laughable. In fact, when I see one out and about... I'll stop playing my game and grab some popcorn so I can find a comfy chair to watch the show. Why do I do this? Because in the same way I don't respect the modern woman, I don't respect Gronk! Like women, he has been placed on this planet for my amusement. Gronk! is undoubtedly my inferior. Why? The man who tries to out-alpha me is my inferior. How? Because he hasn't figured out how to be my equal. This swings back to my point before which now explains why members consistently keep trying to question the direction of the sub. In making dominant leaders, the sub itself creates young men who want to try and assume the leadership role and try to dominate those around them. However they were never given good role models growing up to see how dominant alpha males interact with other dominant alpha males. How they treat equals. And if you can't treat an alpha as an equal, then you aren't his equal.

Surprisingly enough, Gronk! isn't welcome in the group of dominant alphas. There's an excellent scene in Gran Torino where Clint Eastwood demonstrates to the kid he's taken under his wing, that secure heterosexual men who are friends have a level of implied respect within the most derogatory of statements. The kid then tries to imitate this and is told that it's incredibly offensive. It's probably the most basic social skill which isn't taught enough on here - finding the right mix between polite and kissing ass to start out and then allowing the relationship to progress. This is similar to finding the correct tone to be assertive with women without being controlling or weird. The nuance in tone that allows you to rant like bloke and not whine like a woman.

The reaction of the Italian threatening to "blow his gook head off" reminds me of a reply made by /u/RedPillWatchTower to my original analogy of a military base. It's why you should avoid being confrontational or needlessly offensive. I don't feel I need to add anything to this:

I think a lot of new guys confuse "alpha" with "peacocking" or "AMOGing". What I've noticed lately is guys with 3 month old alt accounts coming in, declaring that they've lurked on TRP since the dawn of time, then proceed to start telling ECs they don't know what they are talking about.

This is the Reddit version of a guy who spent 3 months at the gym, goes to the local bar, and picks a fight with the biggest guy in the place to try to prove something. Little did he know that the guy he picked a fight with is not only going to kick his ass, that guy is also friends with the bar owner. So now he's got a black eye and is in jail.

That's pretty much how it works here.

I don't continue to post here for myself so much anymore. I've learnt what I need to learn. I've enacted what I need to enact. I have a solid understanding of theory so, without being humble about it, I believe I can explain and pass it on to boys who are now in a similar position to the one I used to be in. I know my specific role - pass on the knowledge and analytical ability. Help train the next set of men. My role is not to lead the sub as a whole or decide on the direction. Don't get me wrong, if I think I've got a good idea, I'll voice it. When I do, I will do so in a respectful manner. I won't tell any of the veterans that they're wrong. That's needlessly confrontational and sets the wrong tone. These people are my equals and I'd like to think many of them are my friends (depending on whether you think you can be friends with people you've never met) and should be treated as such. I'll voice my opinion and let them make up their own mind. Blue Pill men need others to listen and adhere to what they think. Red Pill men don't need to care. We share our knowledge to help any man who wants to listen... if they won't, it's not our loss. Ultimately, if you're not looking to listen to ideas you hadn't considered before then what the fuck are you doing here? Go back to the mainstream.

So now comes the big question: how do we identify our role? TRP has always been excellent for telling the new recruits what they need to do, pointing out who the drill sergeants are and showing that the base commander is in charge. What it has struggled with is the graduates, the squad leaders and the corporals.

  • If you're a raw recruit then you'll be reading the sidebar and keeping quiet. No exceptions.
  • If you've become a squaddie after a month or two, chip in where you think you understand what is going on and keep your ears pricked up in case the drill sergeant or a corporal comes round to correct you. Don't be the dickhead who posts for two weeks and then tells the drill sergeant that he doesn't know what he's talking about. You'll be seen for the moron you are.
  • If you've begun applying things in the real world and you're getting positive feedback on your understanding then congratulations on your promotion to lance-corporal. Keep contributing where you think you can and listen out for further advice from the drill sergeants and base commanders.
  • You've secured your first plate or two? Excellent work corporal. See what parts of the training you can help with from your personal experiences. Just don't let that first success go to your head. The drill sergeants have been doing this a lot longer than you have and will help to correct you if you've had a rare experience without realising. Keep that mind open and keep learning.
  • The drill sergeants and base commanders don't need to be told what to do. It's self explanatory.

You have a role in the group. Sometimes that role is just team member and not leader. It's a logical fallacy to think that not being the leader makes you less alpha. The alpha will take his role and work it - he knows that for the group to succeed, all members of the team need to work their role effectively. You've chosen to be a part of the team and I'm assuming you've done that because you want to see that group succeed in its goals. Alpha men will gladly defer to more experienced/knowledgeable men when they're trying to achieve a mutual goal. It's just common sense to let the expert/more experienced/more knowledgeable guy lead the group.

As a community, the TRP sub is no different. Alpha men work together for the good of the community, taking on the roles required of them. Women bitch and bicker amongst themselves and nothing gets done. See twoX as a prime example. It pretends to have purpose... but nothing ever gets achieved there. Here on TRP, boys become men. They go from hopeless and unfulfilled to confident and satisfied. You want to be a part of it? Then take on the responsibility of your role and treat the other roles with respect. That's what an alpha male does.

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