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Respect and male social hierarchies.

September 18, 2015

We've spoken about Gronk!ing already. It's the act of trying to project dominance without regard to the situation you're in. Especially on TRP.

And /u/humansockpuppet has expanded on this, explaining how dominance is for achieving goals, not a goal in and of itself.

But we need to talk about this still more.

  • When you are with women, you must project dominance all the time. Women only respond to dominance, never to persuasion or shared goals.
  • When you are with other men, projecting dominance is one of several tools. Sometimes you need to take charge in order to get done what needs doing. And sometimes you need to shut up and shovel the coal.

Most importantly

  • There is no shame in deferring to a male authority when it makes sense to do so.

This is the part many of us miss. We must understand why this is so.

In our feminized, feminist society, we have taken steps to abolish all social hierarchies, seeing them as inherently oppressive. To a feminist, power = oppression, always. This means that people only defer to each other out of fear. They defer to their managers at work for fear of being fired, they defer to police for fear of being arrested, they defer to laws for fear of being punished, they defer to those who use dominance strategies and intimidate them.

That is the only type of deference most people know. They defer if they are intimidated or defeated, and they feel shame.

But there is another kind, and that is deference out of respect. Respect for a person's accomplishments, for their skills, for their territory, for the benefits they have provided to us, or simply respect for the most efficient way to get shit done.

  • Deferring out of fear is shameful for a man. And it should be.
  • Deferring out of respect is not.

Here in TRP, we teach you how to fight back and win when someone tries to AMOG you. We teach you how to dominate others when it's time to do so (vital for getting sex). But the reason we get all these Gronk!s is that they are men who have only ever deferred to or followed others out of fear. That's all they know.

So, whenever someone else is leading the charge, or in the spotlight, or has the badge that says "Vanguard", they feel shame. They think that if they do not immediately challenge and beat this individual in a contest of wills, it is proof that he has a bigger penis, and they must hide their faces in shame.

Male social hierarchies are not based on intimidation. They are based on respect.

Men naturally congregate in groups to accomplish a goal. Whether that's hunting mammoth or selling software. The leaders are not the best intimidators, but the ones who have invested the most time, invested the most effort, and contributed the most to group goals. They have earned respect. Some groups you are in, you will lead, because they are the ones you invested heavily in. Others, you will be a follower in, because you invested less time in those, and you just want to show up and participate. You can only focus on so many things.

EC members are not chosen for being the best men with the biggest swinging dicks. We choose them because they have contributed and earned respect. TRP becomes partially their territory because they helped build it.

This explains how a group of alpha males and aspiring alpha males, can get along. They earn each other's respect. Only this way can a team of men working together be built.

Without the twin abilities to earn respect, and to give the respect that others have earned, you cannot accomplish any goal that is too big for your own two hands. You can only build a team by giving respect when it is earned, and knowing how to earn it.

  • Do not submit to others out of fear. If you lose your nerve, and do, feel ashamed, and use that shame to motivate you to do better.
  • If someone earns your respect, give it. In the fullness of time, you will take what you learn from them, and use it to earn the respect of others.


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