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RP truths gleaned from my aunt

September 10, 2014

Me and my extended family were on a 10-day vacation in the Mediterranean. My aunt is 46 yo but still gets hit on by guys in their 20s. She doesn't pursue it because she has a kid with a man who doesn't want to wife her for the last 20 years or so. They live together in the same house, but she still hasn't changed her name. I used to despise my uncle for not committing, but now I see he's pretty RP.

Anyway, while we're lounging on the beach, I see she's reading "50 shades" and I start a conversation about how women say they want nice guys, but are actually looking for someone to dominate them, just like in the book. To that, instead of trying to convince me otherwise, she says:

If you want the attention of women, you need to pump up your arms. Women look at your arms and instantly know if they want to have sex with you. Also, it's good if you're a little bit dangerous and crazy, like a gangster.

Then it hit me - now I know the meaning of "don't skip leg day" meme. When you're building up only your upper body, you're doing so to attract women, but when you do legs, you're doing it for yourself. So, "don't skip leg day" actually means "have yourself as a primary goal".

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