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"Ruining Virgins for Everyone Else" (Another Case of the Myth of Female Hypoagency)

August 12, 2014

Some myths are like the walking dead. No matter how many times you refute them, debunk them, pound a stake through their heart, cut off their head, fill the mouth with salt and sew it shut, bury it face down on consecrated ground, and pour sixteen tons of concrete over the top, the nonsense just springs to life again.

Every man wants to have his decade of pumping and dumping dozens of unspoilt virgins before he finally marries one and has kids. That's only possible if we live in a traditional society wherein he breaks the traditional rules every other man plays by. Kind of like AF/BB inverted, it's the male version of cheating the system. RVEE (Ruining Virgins for Everyone Else)?

We do not ruin virgins. They ruin themselves.

Look, it's perfectly simple.

Women are the gatekeepers of sex. Getting to sex is a man's responsibility.

Men are the gatekeepers of relationships. Getting to a relationship is a woman's responsibility.

If a man gets friendzoned, it's his own fault, because he wasn't sex-worthy to the woman he choose to spend his time, energy, attention, money, and emotional investment on. He should have either had better game or picked an easier target.

If a woman gets pumped and dumped, it's her own fault, because she wasn't relationship-worthy to the man whose dick she choose to leap onto. She should have either had better game, or picked an easier target.

Just as all women can be seduced under some set circumstances, all men can stick to a woman under some set of circumstances. Being pumped and dumped just meant you were good enough to lay, but not a keeper. Just like being friendzoned meant you were good enough to hang with, but not good enough to fuck.

The sexual marketplace is a game of luck and skill for everyone. You enter, you play your best hand, and you take your chances.

You can play it risky, or you can play it safe. You play it safe, you're unlikely to lose big, or to win big. You play it risker, you win bigger, you lose bigger.

Sleep with a hot guy, you better bring your A game, because you're competing not only with all the other women he's banging, but all the women he might in the future. You don't wanna take the risk, bang a beta.

It's easy to spot guys who might pump and dump you. They're the attractive ones. You want lower risk of that? Bang an unattractive guy.

Women who whine about "players" are just trying to have their cake and eat it, too. They want a hot guy, but they don't want to have to work at keeping him, or risk getting dumped.

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