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Scott Adams weighs in on the gender pay gap issue (or non-issue?)

March 20, 2015


Generally a well researched and thought out piece on the gender pay gap issue. He comes to many of the same conclusions that we do here. Examples:

  • Women who have equal experience as men are paid about three-quarters of what men earn. - FALSE

  • Claim 4: Studies that adjust for equal experience on the same job show a gender pay gap in the 5-10% range. If gender bias exists, it would be in that number, and it would be a big deal.

    Verdict: True. Studies that control for job type and experience still show a substantial and troubling difference in pay by gender. If the pay gap is based on bias, the evidence could be hidden in that number. And it would be a big deal.

(I find this verdict troubling as there are other factors in addition to job type and experience that could explain the difference, even statistical error.)

Claim 8 (Gender bias is a bigger problem for women than it is for men because we live in a patriarchy) is particularly interesting and worth a read. He pays homage to the feminists who waged war against the patriarchy to achieve almost-equal pay (predictably) then says that they need to pay more attention to reality and stop the dishonesty.

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