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Self-control is vital: Nature has not adapted to modern society

October 14, 2015

As I became more Red Pill, I've tended to read less of the manosphere. It repeats things I already know, have learned and have enacted in my life. It's less useful to me and I think most RP men would agree that as you move forward and improve your life and your SMV, less and less of what is posted on the TRP sub is of use to you. So if I feel this way, why am I still here? There's two reasons, the first is simple, I want to give back. It makes me feel good to know I'm helping other men to improve their lives in a world where having a good life as a man is becoming harder and harder. The second... is the rest of this post.

I strongly believe in the stoic style of behaviour (not the full philosophy) and impassive responses to things you can't control. I think it helps your attitude, your game, your approach to life in general. To achieve this, you need to have control over your emotions. Newbies tend to suffer the most with this, they meet a hot girl and act like they don't care... but they really do. It leaks into their behaviour sometimes. How do you beat it? You control yourself. You don't allow that intoxicated feeling to take over and text her a million times.

That said, even the best of us will suffer from unhelpful emotions that tell us to do the opposite of what we know is best from a Red Pill perspective. Why is this? It's because we were designed that way. We are men. We were designed by evolution to improve and achieve to attract women, have sex with as many as possible, then find the best woman on offer, fall in love with her, protect her, our children, and sacrifice as needed to ensure their future survival/success. This is our base nature as men. Our emotions and instincts kindly denote this to us and it was fine for most of history. It worked.

Unfortunately the modern world has unrestricted hypergamy so badly that male nature has become counter-productive if you want to have a successful sex life... even just a successful life. Beta bob can achieve good income, good looking wife and kids etc... doesn't stop him getting divorce raped and subsequently losing everything he held dear... all because of his nature to protect and provide for his woman and children. To try and make their lives better and make them happy. To try and help them achieve their dreams.

The past year, every woman I've slept with, I've slept with her within a few hours of meeting her for the first time. (My game is almost brutally efficient. I have no time for women who pretend they can out-dominate me and immediately walk away.) But even I suffer from the nature of men. Women over on RedPillWomen understand their nature and try to control it as best they can in order to lead happy lives with their husbands and boyfriends. This is to be respected, and in turn, we can learn something there which is implied but never explicitly stated here on TRP: understand your own nature and control it as best you can.

First amongst this is to control your feelings. Oneitis is a very real threat for all men. It is in our nature to fall in love and place a woman above ourselves. It is also now a serious problem for the modern man. There's a base urge to protect and support women - keep it in check! Which brings me full circle to my second reason why I keep coming back. I re-read old reasons and read new examples of hypergamy in action. I remind myself why it is so dangerous to allow the wrong aspects of male nature to take control of me.

I remind myself why I need to keep my emotions in check. Why I need to control my nature.

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