TL;DR - The origin of problems complained about on this sub is demography, not the left or feminists or bloops or white knights or whatever.

For people of European ancestry, roughly 105 boys are born for every 100 girls. More boys being born isn't coincidence - in the past, there was considerable male attrition from disease and violence. It's not good to be on the wrong end of a gender imbalance. If there are too many girls and not enough boys, girls don't do well. The reverse is also true, of course, so what should we expect to happen when disease and violence are practically eliminated?

Past attitudes towards gender relations might be illuminating.

From ancient Greece:

"Anything, anything you want. If I had to, I'd walk through fire. Anything rather than give up penises. Lysistrata, dear, there's nothing like them!"

"If sexual pleasure were divided into ten parts, only one part would go to the man, and nine parts to the woman."

"But you women have reached a point where, if all goes well in the marriage-bed, you are perfectly happy, but if there's a problem in bed then all that is fairest and best is bitter to you."


Medieval England:

Lust, then, was the woman's sin par excellence, not only in Bromyard's work but in other sources as well. Women did not figure as importantly in most texts as did men, but when they did, they were disproportionately lustful.


The predominant idea seems to be that these depictions of women, at great contrast to our own, were driven by some sort of cultural/ideological shift. I think the answer is much simpler. These women sound thirsty. And why wouldn't they? Women had a pretty raw deal back in the day. Not only are men more prone to drop dead of disease, but if the women happen to get lucky and there's a surfeit of men, then they go off and kill each other until there isn't anymore!

Both in the "manosphere" and in "SJW" circles (good overlap with "Red Pill" and "Blue Pill" circles), ideology plays the role of the great villain. "Gender relations are borked because of left-wing ideology making women out to be saints, and men villains!" "No, gender relations are borked because right-wing ideology makes women out to be slaves and men masters!" Both sides are having trouble speaking because the elephant in the closet is taking up quite a lot of room, and it's getting hard to breathe, but they soldier on.

The answer could be much simpler. Men are thirsty, not because of any sort of ideological shift, but because of a demographic shift: there are too many men and not enough women. It has nothing to do with ideology. TRP complains that women can ride the "cock carousel," get their "alpha fucks" and still get their "beta bucks" - of course they can, men are thirsty because there's not enough women. TBP complains that women are flooded with unwanted attention, harassed by horny men - of course they are, there are too many men, and they are thirsty as fuck.

In light of this, is it plausible that there is an ideological solution to the problems with modern gender relations?