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She's the one

October 9, 2019

This post will be a quick reminder for y'all new-comers or inexperienced folks. I once made a comment about my experience and it got a lot of feedback so I decided why not turn it into an actual post.

I won the lottery and was born with good facial structure, am 6'1 and was always smart and witty. But thing is, even despite all these factors, I was slouchy, tiny, eternally friendzoned, feminine looking, women respecting, white knighting, alpha hating idiot. I always wondered why the fuck even despite all the attention I was getting from woman, I never managed to get laid. See, back then I had no clue I was actually beta-orbiter of almost every girl I knew

Then I met her: tall, feminine girl. She was around 25 at the time (4 years older than me btw), was the big shit in the city and was just looking great. Long hair, tight black dress, sporty body and longest legs I've ever seen paired with some classy heels. I was fucking amazed. My beta brain went into overdrive and all I could think of whole next week was her. I found her on IG, but I thought I diDn'T dEsErVe HeR at the time. Yeah, I know.

I started lifting religiously, dressing better, and just spent every moment of my life bettering myself just to get a chance to drink water from her bathtub. As I got bigger and better looking, I started getting a lot of IOIs from girls, but I ignored the fuck out of them because I was simply so concentrated on her that I was literally blind about things around me. I distanced myself from my friends and family, from my hobbies and from anything that wasn't gym or job.

Around two years later, there I was. Shredded, stylish, and eager to meet her. I knew where she used to hang from her instagram profile and I was ready to tear shit up. Funny thing is that when I accidentally stumbled upon her on the street I was literally about to shit myself. My heartbeat went crazy, I got paralyzed and my whole self-confidence shattered into tiny little pieces. I still had balls to approach her and was amazed how she gave me her number considering how shitty the approach was.

Couple of days later, I was sitting in a restaurant with her. She was wearing another tight dress, some sexy heels and was just looking amazing. I felt like the fucking champion. I never felt something like this before. Two years of dedication, struggling and pain finally paid off, but here's the funniest thing. I had an epiphany: I was finally on a date with my dream unicorn girl. I even had the chance to have sex with her, after all those days of being a friendzoned incel. But all I could think of was that she wasn't anything special. At all. She was just like any other girl I've met. I didn't even know what made me feel the way I felt about her back in the day. I wasn't listening to her stories, because the voice in my head telling me that I was an idiot was so loud. The comedown I've felt was the most painful thing ever. I lost my friends, I abandoned my hobbies, spent less time with my family. And all this simply because of some girl who didn't even know about my existence. I was on a date with her, finally, but I had nothing in my life now, except for that shitty empty feeling in my stomach. And I felt stupidly empty and dumb, almost like I died inside because my whole fucking world flipped on it's head.

Now I'm kinda glad about that it happenned, for sure. Especially after I found red pill later and everything got clear. But the main point is take lessons from my mistakes, folks. Girls are cool, all that, but don't even think about trading anything important in life for them. It's a dumb move.

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