Short Term Relationships

February 20, 2014

Id like to preface this by saying, you know who you are. You know what you did and I hope this happens to you without any GayLube Oil.

A lot has been written about hooking up, and long term relationships. But Red Pill is surprisingly silent about short term relationships. If your all philosophical about it I guess you can say that all relationships, are short term relationships. But im going to adopt a more narrow definition and say that a short term relationship is one that lasts only couple of months 2-6.

Especially in young adults, pussy is seasonal. Summer sluts winter wives, is a saying the holds true for college students. A girl might go back home over the holidays and see her high school boyfriend, she might be home for the summer, or want to get wild over spring break.

Serial monogamy is common in hot, high maintenance, short attention span girls. They'll basically use a guy for validation: OMG im in a new relationship. Then they'll get bored of him. Have a dramatic breakup and then branch swing for maximum validation. Plus no one is going to call her a slut for fucking her boyfriend, so its a great strategy.

The important thing about short term relationships is knowing that you are in a short term relationship. Often times a guy will lock down a hot girl, shell jumps on some other dick and then he's all sad because she's the one that got away. Sometimes, you are just renting. If you understand this and accept it, you wont be upset when you have to return the car to Hertz.

But what about plate spinning? Plate spinning gets exhausting after a while. Dealing with flaky girls, the texting game and the drama of multiple women can be a nightmare. A short term relationship is kind of like a vacation from all that bullshit.

When the inevitable breakup happens don't indulge her with the breakup drama she wants. Just tell her that it was nice and move on with your life. You saw it coming anyway.

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