It’s Wednesday morning and you are exhausted. You are trying to quit heroine and you know that in your process of recovery, today is a day you need to rest. But you have to go to work, otherwise you will be fired. You don’t choose what you do of your time. Sure, you could choose not to go to work but you would have to find another one.

Every morning of the week, you have to get up and go work to make someone else richer. If you don’t do as they say, you are punished. In exchange, you are given money. With this money, you buy food, shelter and clothes. Then, if you are lucky, you have extra money left and you can afford the luxury of buying a brand new useless tool like the new iphone.

Think about it: you work and you get food, clothes and shelter in exchange.

You have your week-ends off and some holidays from time to time. Why? Just so you can relax. This way, you will be more efficient at work when you get back. Society paid too much to form you, to give you the skills you have. They want to keep that investment paying back so they keep you functioning. But you never get enough time off to ask yourself dangerous questions such as: is this situation really what I want? Because, despite everything, you are a free man and you can do whatever you want.

You are kept distracted with TV, video games, porn. You are given extra tasks such as taking care of your family. PREVENT THEM FROM THINKING! Society praises sex and you are numbed by it, trapped into this prison of distractions.

You buy a huge house that you will need to pay off for most of your life. You buy good-looking furniture. You make it your nest. Because you invested so much in it, you don’t want to leave it. Here goes your freedom of traveling. Plus, you now need your shitty job even more: you can’t quit, you can’t afford to take risks. You built your own prison.

You get a woman. She becomes your wife. You have children. You are programmed to take care of them. You are so busy working your ass off at work that you neglect your health. You come back home and you are too exhausted to do anything else. PREVENT THEM FROM THINKING! Instead of resting, you have your family to take care of. Your health gets worse but hey, take those pills and it will be better. The pills doesn’t make you healthier, it doesn’t help you not to get sick next time, it only makes it better right now so that you can keep on working to make other men richer.

Where goes your money? To the same kind of people who makes you work all day long. Your extra money is spent on useless tools. Consumerism. You get a raise from time to time and it makes you excited. You are moving forward! But there really is no change. Instead of using this money to free yourself, you buy more useless and more beautiful shit so that you can brag about them and conform. You don’t start a business, you don’t use your money to make more money so that you can finally give the finger to those who exploit you. At the end of the day, you don’t have more money, even if you get a raise.

Think about it: if you come to work, you are given what you need to survive and enough rest to keep working efficiently. If you don’t come to work, you die.