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Sluts & Studs: Why Promiscuity is Acceptable for Men and Not Women

January 5, 2015

"Doesn't TRP encourage men to have sex with lots of women? Aren't you guys just a bunch of hypocrites for saying women can't do the same?"

We've all heard this before. It's about time we put this one to rest. Male promiscuity differs from female promiscuity because men and women are not the same. This is the lie that's told in overly progressive societies, but with some examination this is clear to see how it's inaccurate.

There are several differences between genders that determine why one behaviour is acceptable and the other not. The first is the most relevant one, and the one that is the core of most human behaviour: evolutionary psychology. Throughout every population on earth you can pick out qualities that are common to nearly all people -- such qualities aren't accidental. Most people have a natural aversion to danger, for example, the reason being that those that did not have this aversion simply didn't live to procreate as well as those that did.

So what's the evolutionary advantage to slut aversion in males? Simple, prior to modern technology, there was no way to ensure that a child was biologically yours. Men who were averse to promiscuity had an advantage in that they avoided being cuckolded. Eventually they would have outcompeted the DNA of a man who was indifferent to slutty behaviour. This is why you see anti-slut attitudes across multiple cultures. Women would not have developed this trait because they cannot be cuckolded.

The second reason comes down to value. Desire is often determined by the need to have something of value. Consider how women find the Chanel brand desirable. Get your girl a Chanel bag and watch her excitement. Now imagine that Chanel bags were given to every girl in the world. How much do you think women would care about it then? It's precisely the rarity of the object that foments that desire.

For women, sleeping around is trivial. It literally requires no effort to be a slut; announce your intentions and open your legs, that's about it. A female slut is the equivalent of a Walmart-brand handbag. In fact, it's incredibly rare that a woman remains chaste as she ages. Women have their SMV front-loaded; they are at their most attractive during their youth for no other reason than being young and nubile. They will have offers left and right. Note that this is about the number of partners, and not frequency of sex; a woman that fucks the same man a thousand times a year would have men lining up to marry her, a woman who has slept with a thousand men, not so much.

Conversely, male virginity is trivial. A man that does nothing to raise his SMV runs a real risk of being a lifelong virgin. Women generally only have eyes for the top 20% of men. To be the kind of man that most women want to fuck is incredibly hard. To be a player that has slept with many women requires that that man have raised his SMV to the point that other women want to fuck him, if only because he is desirable to other women. Note how this is not true for men -- we don't give a fuck that our best mate wants to fuck a chick, only that we do.

Those are the core reasons. Jim Jeffries said it best: "There are many fat, ugly sluts, but no fat, ugly studs"

I'll finish with my favourite analogy on the matter:

"A key that can open many locks is a very good key; a lock that is opened by many keys is a shitty lock"

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