SUMMARY: Don't confuse Sexual (Marketplace) Value, with Provider's Value. They both appeal to women, for for different and conflicting reasons. Pick one and only one, you can't BE/HAVE both.

BODY: If you want to trade stock, the New York Stock Exchange is the place to see the Value of your shares. They are both Values but different Values. Same goes for SMV and Provider's Value, make no mistake, pick one or the other, choose wisely.

If you want to trade Pork Bellies, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is the place to see the Value of Futures.

I was born in a Blue Pill family, raised Blue Pill and my world was Blue Pill, therefore I too was Blue Pill, and happily to comply with Blue Pill doctrine, and working hard to compete with other Blue Pill.

I am an older redditor in my early 50's twice married/twice divorced. I lived the American Dream which included the house in suburbia. After the second divorce I decided to keep the house in suburbia, that's where I live, I am a single guy living in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 2-car garage bedroom community where everyone is married with kids. And I have a few friends who are married here in town. I meet them at parties and all, and they are all good guys, they are all Blue Pill, some are even Alpha-turned-Beta-Blue-Pill, you know what I mean. And they compete about who is the most Blue Pill: comes Valentine's Day they outdo each other on where they take their wives to dinner and what they get them; they all have high paying jobs (I live in one of the hot-beds of Real Estate in the USA), drive fancy cars, they all wear kakis (mandatory reference to Fight Club), at least half are go to the gym and are fit, the other half are a sad visual.

Despite their high powered job, fancy titles, and high salaries, they are all their wive's puppets, from the way the dress (Brooks Brother and Lacoste), loafer shoes (I wear sneakers), always polished cars (my car is 11 year old and always filthy), impeccable lawns (my lawn sucks, it's a constant joke with them).

At parties is the quintessential "keeping up with the Johnses" showing off the latest car, watch, Sonos is a big deal these days, new addition to the house, new gourmet kitchen (and the wife of course doesn't cook), new landscaping job.

Of course every year some of them are getting divorced, and it's always the same story: she sumps the husband because she's bored; I am sure most of they bang Chad T. on the side. A few years back one of them moved to France with her 20-something new boyfriend dumping the husband with 2 teenage kids.

At parties the guys either admire my free spirited lifestyle and my newest young plate, or they hate me and make fun of me. Their wives publicly disapprove of me because I set a bad example for their husbands but I know that secretly I give them the tingles.

CRUCIAL POINT: I feel bad for these poor bastards. Like me they believe that by increasing their Value they attracted their wives, and they are correct in believe so; but that was Provider's Value that attracted the wives to them. It gets worse, these guys continue to increase their Providers's Value by working harder and harder, promotions, assets, 401K, stock portfolios; but sooner or later once the kids are old enough and the wives will be bored enough with the suburbia lifestyle they will dump their husband's sorry ass, divorce rape them, and live a cozy life with their Alpha boyfriend(s), all on the father-of-my-childrens dime.

And the poor husband doesn't even know what happened to him, he continues to increase his value, but it was Providers's Value and not SMV.

I made that mistake. No more.