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Social game is the only game

July 10, 2014

The Red Pill often espouses that men have been sold a false bill of goods. Taught the wrong behaviors and the wrong way of life when it comes to women. The fact is, women are just the tip of the iceberg. Many men have been sold a false bill of goods regarding life in general. (Women, too, if you really think about it, just for entirely different issues that they can discuss on their own.)

From birth, you’re told to do good in school, go to college, get a STEM degree or get on some other career path toward a small list of acceptable jobs: doctor, lawyer, engineer, computer geek, etc. Then find a job out of school, put in your time and work hard for a few years, and eventually, you might make a six-figure salary, which is a lot of money and will help you buy a house, nice furniture and other nice things, and provide for a wife and children. That’s all bogus.

I live in an upper middle class, white, yuppie suburb of my city. I’m an attorney who followed the path in the paragraph above. I’ve been practicing nearly ten years, make a six-figure salary, and honestly, it’s not a lot of money. Not when you’re paying a white yuppie suburban mortgage, sending a kid to daycare, keeping your car and appliances in good working order, putting away for retirement, and decorating your lives with cell phones, cable TV, pretty furniture, and the other trappings necessary to prove that you’re middle class and not poor. Because a 20 dollar soap dispenser from Bed Bath & Beyond that matches the trim around your mirror without clashing with the tile surrounding the tub that you never use because you own a shower is totally better than just using the bottle that liquid soap comes in. My wife thinks so, anyway. I'm glad one of us has priorities.

You’d think that all of my neighbors in this suburb would be highly-educated doctors, lawyers, and engineers, right? Not so. The huge majority of my neighbors are contractors, own landscaping companies, work in sales or insurance, one guy runs an electrician business, another owns an auto shop. Most of them work from home. Most of them spend maybe 2-4 hours a day on the phone with clients and subordinates, take the occasional business trip to meet people, then fiddle away the rest of the day doing carpentry in their garage and mowing their yards. They make double what I do and could pay someone to do their own yard work (like I do since I’m in the office 12+ hours a day), but they don’t have any other obligations during the day and enjoy the outdoor time. And if any of these guys ever came upon hard times or lost their jobs, they’d just tap their extensive network of entrepreneurial and successful guy friends and be doing something else just as profitable next week.

Nobody tells you, growing up, that social networking is absolutely everything. That your aim in life shouldn’t be an engineering degree so you can work in a cubicle at an engineering firm and eventually get rich enough to marry a girl. That you should aim to work in sales or be a contractor, learn Spanish, and dedicate the majority of your time to making business contacts. That drinking beer and talking with your guy friends about football, forming those bonds, isn’t some stupid thing frat boys do – it’s important for your future. If you play your cards right, being one of the “cool kids” from age 6 onward is far superior to being a nerdy first grader who gets bullied but makes A’s on his math tests.

Social game is where it’s at, and women know this. Take a hideously ugly man who says hi to a passing woman in the street. She’ll cross to the other side to avoid making eye contact with him, and post on facebook about how she was almost raped by a creepy guy. But take that same ugly guy and make him a supporting actor alongside Brad Pitt in some big movie, and suddenly women will think this ugly-as-sin man is “kind of cute.” There’s no deception – no mercenary nature involved. Women aren’t thinking to themselves, “Wow. He’s a rich and famous actor. I’d love me some of that money and fame.” They actually perceive this ugly man as kind of cute when seeing him under better circumstances.

This doesn’t just apply to movie stars. It applies to regular joes, too. Some average-looking guy sitting alone at a table in the corner of a bar, looking up at a pretty woman as she enters – that’s a creep, and a loser. But put the same guy at a table in the center of the room, being loud and gregarious, with each arm around a girl, and all of the guys at the table laughing at his jokes, and women will think he’s hot. No mercenary tendencies. They’re not deviously hoping to latch on to his social network (not consciously, anyway). Their brains will actually perceive this average-looking man as good-looking.

You can spend all the time at the gym that you want, get a STEM degree, work hard and make good money, but without extremely well-developed social aptitude, you will always, always be a woman’s plan B. Everyone else’s plan B, too. Guys in your apartment complex will only invite you to hang out if nobody cooler is around. Employers won’t hire you over the guy who bullshitted confidently through the entire interview and showed up with a pile of references from his social network. Social game and building that network is the most important thing you can invest yourself into. Knowing valuable people (and being valuable to them) is the only currency that matters.

You know, we should probably get off the internet for a bit and go meet some people. Social game is your best investment toward female attraction. Well, having good, old-fashioned sex actually works best for building attraction, but social game's where it's at for women you're not already fucking.

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