Social misconduct

November 9, 2016


I've been playing the field rather prolifically. If I have sex with a woman and don't see her as LTR material I ghost her. It was all fun and games for a while. Now I'm extremely hesitant to go out anywhere other than work and the gym.


I'm going to explain what happened to me with the full understanding that I'm responsible for it. I took the cowards way out and paid the price.

I've ghosted quite a few women. After sex I lost interest and left it where it was. Just deleted her contact and ignored texts from random numbers. I always get her number in my phone first for that reason.

Anyway I was at a club I frequent most weekends. Suddenly in the middle of the dance floor one of the girls I ghosted b lines for me. She walks right into my face and starts screaming at me. Completely unbridled hysteria. Thankfully the music was very loud so words were muted to most of the people around me. Regardless, a lot of people were stopping dancing and watching what was unfolding.

She proceeded to proclaim me a rapist on top of many other insults. She said I abused her. She started getting physical. Hitting my chest and pushing at me. The bouncers came and grabbed me and her. We were being forcefully removed.

I know a lot of the people that frequently socialize in the city. Others were vouching for me saying I did nothing. She just attacked me. Seemingly at random. My bartender and two of the bouncers I'm close with stopped the guy who was escorting me out and took me to the back to figure out wtf was going on. They took her out for all I know now.

After talking it out with the bouncers it was quickly decided it's all good and I could get back to what I was doing. I ended up going up hiding out at the rooftop bar for about another half hour. Praying that woman was gone so I could get out of there in peace. I made my escape but now I've been home for almost a week. Afraid of another encounter like that.


All I can think is how thankful I am for knowing the people I knew. If nobody knew me and they heard her screaming rapist in my face it could have gone seriously bad. Her reactions was blown out of proportion but the message is clear. Men act, women react. I need to be more respectful, even if it's just to let her know she has some value that isn't really there for me.

TL;DR Ghosted women after sex. Got called a rapist in public. Hesitant about going out for a while.

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