TL/DR: Went out with a girl, demonstrated social proof, and it was easy from there.

First FR so I'll keep it short. Went out with a girl from one of my meetup groups last week (decent looking HB7). I had Friday night free and wanted to go out, so I texted her and said I'd be at a bar downtown I like. She agrees to meet me, so I get there a little early and order my favorite coffee stout (this always makes me feel calm and comfortable). After she arrives and gets a drink we start talking about what's been going on for the past few days and I just let her take the conversation from there. That way by contributing very little I am able to provide her validation for her contribution to the conversation. I also occasionally tease her about her drink choices and some other things I honestly can't remember.

While there I was approached by another girl I knew from a different meetup and her date, so we talked for a while, finished up, and left to go where I had friends at another bar. Throughout the night I was able to demonstrate a good amount of social proof due to the number of people I knew and how well I was able to get on with them. They were a good mix of men and women. After a while of basically ignoring my date I said it was time to go. I took her to go dancing (which I have been enjoying a lot more lately). It was pretty easy after that. Long story short, we dance, I kino, we make out and I end up back at her place. Towards the end of the night she threw out very few shit tests and a pretty weak LMR.

Lessons Learned:

Demonstrating social proof (high SMV) significantly decreases the number of shit tests you will deal with. Women will know pretty early on that way that they want to sleep with you, and the more you can reinforce that on your own the less she will feel like she has to test you. Practice your social skills with everyone. You never know when it will come in handy.