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Sort of a FR: Gym results

April 24, 2017

On March 16th, I was 241 lbs. Body composition analysis showed I had 55 lbs of fat on me. I'm 6'2", 41 years old. I'd been working out for several years at Planet Fitness, but not to any specific program, and I'd not really been real careful about diet either. I work a desk job. Now, I could still run, hike, climb mountains, make it through martial arts classes okay, etc.

Back in February, I switched gyms. Joined a health club - they have pools, hot tub, spa, rock climbing wall, etc. Much more than just a gym. I did it because my son turned 12, he's old enough to do programs there on his own without needing to be with an adult all the time. I can throw him in the pool while I go work out. That way he gets more physical activity instead of staying home, or going to his mom's. Then I can go swim with him after I'm done working out. I've even started taking him up on the weight floor with me, and I've got him doing some light lifting.

Anyway, I did a few sessions with a trainer and nutritionist as part of my "on boarding". Started following a specific workout plan (it's similar to StrongLifts) and changed up my eating. I'm currently doing a keto diet and a type of intermittent fasting. Started the new diet March 16th.

As of yesterday, I weigh 222 lbs. Body composition analysis showed 25 lbs of fat loss and 5 lbs of muscle gain in just over a month. My initial goal was get down to 210 lbs. If it keeps going this effectively, I might take it down to 200 lbs. Then, I'm gonna stop keto eating, mix some carbs back in and start trying to add muscle mass.

I think the biggest thing I've learned is that in addition to following an exercise program and having an eating plan, I think you really have to understand how body metabolism works. Our body's run on carbs pretty easy, so that's what the body uses first. If you're eating significant carbs, your body will just store any fat/protein intake that isn't otherwise used and your body fat packs on. To keep that from happening, you have to give your body a chance to not be running on carbs regularly. Hence the intermittent fasting. I'm currently eating all my food between approx. 12 pm and 6 pm. It takes roughly 12 hours for your body to use up energy in your blood stream from your last meal. Once the body goes into fasting, it starts digging into fat stores. So I'm getting 5-6 hours a day of fasting. From the keto diet, my body has also adapted to using healthy fats as it's main energy source, so when fasting starts, it's more efficient at using fat. I'm not having hunger issues or low energy issues. Last weekend I did 14 miles of hiking in the mountains and never even came close to feeling tired.

Guys, bottom line, in addition to lifting and healthy eating, do some homework on your metabolism. Learn more about metabolic processes so you can tailor your workouts and diet, it will make your workouts, weight control, etc. that much more effective.

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