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Sources of Value

February 9, 2016

When evaluating the value of women and men, The Red Pill primarily focuses on the Social/Sexual Market Value (SMV) of individuals. To a lesser extent, we often discuss additional sources of value that men and women bring to the table that make them worth more investment than just sex, which we’ve dubbed Relationship Market Value (RMV).

Blue Pill cunts also insist that we need to recognize the third source of value that people possess, even though it has little to no bearing on sex or relationships, so I’ll give a quick shout out to plain old human worth and accomplishment (HWA). Blue Pill cunts also insist that there’s a fourth source of value that people possess simply for existing and being a unique and special human with inalienable human rights, so let’s also give a quick shout out to special snowflake-ness (SS) – and then never mention it again.

The factors that contribute to these types of value overlap somewhat, though the factors that apply to each type of value and where the overlap occurs vary for men and women.

A woman’s SMV is determined nearly entirely by her looks and her sexual availability. Is she sexually attractive? Is she good in bed? Does she offer sex (to you, not necessary to everyone) freely and easily, without requiring unreasonable investment? These factors are the primary determinants of her SMV. To a lesser extent, a woman’s SMV may also be determined by her personality. Is she respectful, polite, interesting, and fun to be around? Is she thoughtful? Does she do other things (besides sex) for you? While these factors don’t, directly, give you an erection, they make the investment you provide to this woman much more palatable. Maybe even enjoyable.

A woman’s RMV is determined roughly equally by her skills, personality, behavior, and looks/sexual availability. If a woman is not good-looking enough to induce arousal and is not sexually generous or any good in bed, her RMV is automatically zero, independent of other factors. A non-sexual relationship or a relationship where the sex is infrequent, bad, or otherwise deficient is not a relationship. You might as well just be friends, and women make shitty friends.

However, assuming that a woman meets the minimum SMV hurdle to be considered for a relationship, her RMV is determined by her femininity and charm, her skills, and her behavior. Is she polite, respectful, kind, and submissive? Eager to defer to your leadership? Is she thoughtful? Does she do things for you that show her investment in you? Is she good at things that make her a good partner, and maybe even a good future life partner, such as skills that keep a good house, nourish a family, and make her a good mother? Does she refrain from excessive drinking and from using drugs? Does she refrain from pursuing male validation? Is she sexually conservative, with a low partner count, and not slutty in the slightest? Is her past free from damaging trauma? Does she come from a good, stable home with strong, traditional parental influences? Education and intelligence may also come into play, as can hobbies, to the extent that a woman who can hold an interesting conversation and actually knows some things is a better relationship partner than a dimwit.

A woman’s SMV determines whether you’re willing to fuck her. A woman’s RMV determines whether you’re willing to date her. As most men are concerned, a woman has no other value.

However, let’s not unfairly piss on women over this. Just because a woman is not useful to you as a sexual partner or a relationship partner does not mean that the woman is completely useless. If a woman wants to get a PhD and become a ball-busting scientist that performs groundbreaking cancer research, that’s absolutely great. The fact that you don’t want to fuck her and/or date her doesn’t mean that she has no worth as a human being. She can be a great asset to the world. She can still have value – just not the kind of value that makes her a desirable partner.

A woman with double PhDs in biochemistry and biomedical engineering involved in cutting-edge research is not sexier because of it. Nor is she a better relationship partner. If anything, a woman in that position is going to devote significant time and attention to her education and career – time and attention that she will not be able to devote to sex, a relationship, keeping a house, caring for children, and so forth. Many women in this position are also prideful, with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove, who can’t shut up about how great and important they are, which further harms their attractiveness.

In many cases, a woman’s HWA is, in fact, an antagonist to her SMV and/or RMV. Why? Because most men are not attracted to a woman due to her status and accomplishments in the way that women are attracted to men with these qualities. Men are expected to make their own status in the world, not gain their status by marrying somebody who has it. The world looks down on men who amount to little and ride their wife’s coattails. And men don’t get an erection thinking about their girlfriend’s PhDs. Status does not contribute to a woman’s SMV or RMV, or at best, contributes only negligibly. This is often a point of great ire for many Blue Pilled cunts, who believe it is unfair and misogynistic that women do not attain value for the same feats that men do.

In direct contrast, one of the primary factors for both SMV and RMV of a man is his status. Possibly the only factor. What has a man accomplished, and what is he likely to accomplish in the future? Because that pole-vaults him socially. A man who has done great things or who has the potential to do great things is also typically hard-working and disciplined, well-paid, socially connected, confident, creative, intelligent, and so forth. The opposite is true of a man who is a nobody that’s accomplished nothing.

A man’s SMV and RMV are also affected by his looks and behavior/personality. Why? Because these traits are indicators of potential status. Good looking, strong, confident men who act the part are men who are perceived as having potential. But hey, just looking hawt even if you’re a loser is a major contributor to your SMV. In some cases, being a loser might actually help your SMV, because women are more prone to casually fuck guys that they don’t want to date seriously. If they get it in their heads that they want to date you, they might start backpedaling and pretending they’re not sluts to trick you into mis-appraising their RMV and seriously considering them.

The key here is respect. For women, respect, love, and attraction are all the same thing. If she respects a man – really and truly respects him, then she loves him and wants to fuck him and goes out of her way to be thoughtful for him and do things for him. She defers to him. If a man is respected, he’s valuable.

The same is actually true of women as well. If a woman is respected, she’s valuable. But women and men are respected for completely different reasons. Men are respected for being physically fit, professionally successful, socially apt, skilled, interesting, confident, powerful, and great leaders. Women are respected for being pretty, submissive, nurturing, etc.

If a woman tries to become respected in the same way that a man is respected, she’s definitely worthy of respect – I hope someone cures cancer soon, man or woman. But that’s man-respect, not woman-respect. I don’t want to fuck somebody that I respect the same way I respect a man – even if it’s a woman.

So don’t fall into modern-day, blue-pilled, feminized world trap of seeking out women who act like men, unless you, yourself, are a woman.

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