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Special Snowflakes

February 3, 2015

Our little internet subculture is renowned (actually kind of demonized) for taking the position that “All Women Are Like That,” (AWALT) with regard to the majority of behaviors we note among women. The counter-position most of the world takes is that every human being is unique, so it’s ludicrous to think that any one thing would ever apply to “all” of any segment of the population. Therefore, you must treat every encounter with a woman on a case-by-case basis and make no assumptions about anything, because every woman is a unique creature.

Are we right? Are our detractors right? Are we both right? Are we both wrong? I’m going to answer this as definitively as possible. Okay, not as definitely as possible. As definitively as necessary. So pay attention.

Do all women share certain commonalities, or are some women “special snowflakes” that are an exception to the Red Pill’s teachings? The answer:

--It doesn’t fucking matter.

Many of The Red Pill’s detractors insist that red pill behaviors only “work” on stupid women, young women, naive women, women with mental health or self-esteem issues, and so forth. That The Red Pill is powerless against real women, smart women, strong women, or what have you. Is this the case? Are there some women out there who are exceptions to the Red Pill AWALT stance? Sure, maybe. But it doesn’t fucking matter.

Hell, are these women who are immune to or completely unattracted to anything red pill related the majority of women? Are most women above The Red Pill? I guess it’s possible. But it doesn’t fucking matter.

Proclaiming that The Red Pill fails in the presence of “real women” makes two very bad assumptions.

First, this proclamation assumes that a red pill advocate was getting fucked by real women in the first place.

“Real women” are smart, strong, and capable, right? That’s what separates them from stupid girls who fall for red pill behaviors, right? So it’s a given that real women don’t fuck timid, under-confident, fatass (or scrawny) losers. That means that before The Red Pill, these real women weren’t fucking too many of us. So it’s not like you blew your chance at a real woman by deciding to improve your life and fuck a few sluts. The pre-red-pill you never had a shot with these real women anyway.

Second, however, is a much more offensive and insidious assumption.

The implication that The Red Pill only works on a certain caliber of woman assumes that the women who are exceptions to The Red Pill’s teachings are somehow inherently better or superior to other women. They’re calling those other women stupid. Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that the people who offend all of the other, lesser women in the world with this assumption are also the same people who praise equality and the unique beauty of every individual woman and ask a better question.

Why is a woman who doesn’t respond favorably to red pill behaviors a better or superior woman? Why would I want this “smart” woman over a woman that responds positively to masculine behaviors, strong leadership, and confidence? A woman that gets turned on by confidence, masculinity, and leadership, and wants to submit to a man with those traits – that’s an actual feminine woman. That’s hot. That’s a far superior woman.

A strong, independent ball-buster of a woman who’s constantly challenging you, thinks she’s too smart for you, and pisses all over anything masculine? That’s an annoying bitch, not a superior woman.

Are there women who are exceptions to The Red Pill? Special, unique flowers on which the magical red pill will not “work?” I fucking hope so. Because that makes it so much easier to weed out inferior bitches.

Fuck the good ones. Let the bitches who are too “strong” and too “smart” to be feminine be as special and unique as they want to be. They don’t fucking matter.

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