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Standards Means Having Power

August 24, 2015

One of the curious aspects of movements like Feminism is in the homogeneity of its members. See exhibits A, B and C. I'm sure you can see the trend. Interestingly, there's a similar trend among male feminists: Effeminate, soft, non-masculine. Those of you well-versed in TRP know that these men are the polar opposite of what women find attractive, despite what feminists say. They are Useful Idiots that only serve to help push along their agenda.

If one were to try to assign an overarching goal, it'd be that each party simply wishes to be perceived as attractive. Rather than go through a tried and true channel, like diet and exercise, they seek to use words rather than action to effect the changes they want in life. They are the have-nots of society, and wish to level the playing field by demanding that others simply eliminate their standards.

Who is this "other" that they're speaking about? Do you think feminists want this guy to drop his standards? Or this guy?

What the have-nots in society want is for those with the power to be selective to choose not to exercise that power. It's the mental equivalent of asking the rich to give you their money rather than spend it on themselves.

What this means for you, practically, is to start exercising your ability to reject others. Inclusivity is the crying call of the powerless. Having standards means you are a person who is in a position of power, and able to exercise that power over others. Don't self-castrate yourself by acting like you ought not to have standards. You literally gain nothing from it, and despite the social narrative set by feminists you're not a better person for it.

The more exclusive you are, the more value you retain and the more people genuinely wish for access to your time and presence. Don't lower your standards for the sake of people who provide you no value.

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