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Startin' Shit.

October 24, 2015

[Something we don't talk enough about is fighting, both literal and metaphorical.

Like every other topic under the sun, the majority of us learned the wrong lessons about it from feminized, domesticated fathers, or the wrong lessons about it from single mothers in the complete absence of a father.

So most of you learned about when to fight either from a woman, or from someone who learned from a woman. Women understand as much about how and when to fight as cats understand about refining crude oil, because, as with most other things, women are unable to imagine the perspective and experience of anyone who isn't a woman.

"Just don't do it", women will say. "Just walk away", as if you always had that option.

Women see violence as a sort of natural disaster that comes along and wrecks everyone's shit, like a hurricane, and if only no one would do it, everything would just be much better. This is because they are unequipped to deal with it, and therefore do not wish to confront the fact that violence is the default state of all living things.

Any moment you do not have to fight is a privilege earned with wealth, technology, planning, allies, or other resources.

We know that "don't fight" is stupid woman-speak, issuing from the childish mind of someone who has the privilege of going through her entire life protected by default by violence and conflict. But we also know that overwhelmingly it is stupid, insecure, broke-ass, trashy losers who throw down the most.

So is avoiding conflict cowardly? Or is getting in fights and arguments a loss of frame, and hence weakness?

There's a stupidly simple principle to resolve this question. Fighting is expensive, but it can get us things. That's why fighting is the default state of all living things. We need to fight to get the things we need to survive, and to prevent others from the taking those things.

Every conflict has a cost, and a prize.

Fight for good prizes.

Don't fight for stupid prizes.

Every time you find yourself in a conflict, whether it's a dick-measuring contest with some reddit stranger, or someone trying to beat you senseless with a crowbar, know what it is you are fighting to win. A momentary feeling of vindication is not a good prize. Getting to walk away with all your body parts is an excellent prize, as is the respect of people in your social network, the ability to live free of fear, etc.

Always know what you are fighting for. Never fight for a stupid prize because you are proud and insecure. Never fail to fight for a good prize because you are afraid, or straitjacketed by feminized "niceness-as-morality". Whether it's a argument or a gunfight, a conflict is an obstacle between you and your goal, and whether you are startin' shit or just finishing it, the goal determines the effort.


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