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Stay Tiger Analogy [Repost]

July 29, 2021

The previous one got shoah’d by auto mod. Glad this shit doesn’t happen on Forums.red. Check out the site...you can find all kinds of naughty think posts.

I heard you can earn crypto as well. Now, we just need an eccentric billionaire to make a couple tweets about it.

One of the best things, Endorsed Contributor, u/fereallyred said was his tiger analogy. Guys always found it insightful whenever it got mentioned in a comment, so I am re-posting on here. Enjoy.

Women are really interested in tigers. They're strong, pretty, nice to pet, protectors, have an "I'm the king of all I see" vibe, dangerous, and great status symbols

To keep a tiger, though, it's convenient to train them to walk on a leash, not eat the occasional lamb, piss in the designated area, sleep in a cage, etc.

Problem is, tigers don't like being caged or on a leash. This is against their nature. Some do get domesticated, though, even learn tricks. It's helpful to chop off their balls to accomplish this domestication.

Problem is doing this makes them lose the edge that made them attractive in the first place.

They become compliant little kitties.

Women then realize all the excitement around owning a tiger has evaporated, because now they're walking down the street with wrinkled tiger balls in their purse, holding the leash of an overgrown neutered housecat.

Guess what? They begin the search for another tiger. Don't be a pussy. Stay tiger.

Great poster. Really knew his shit and was upfront as fuck. Called a spade a spade.

I personally learnt a good bit from him.

Check out his profile for more comments. Can sort by top voted.

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