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Still Wanna Get Married?

March 29, 2018

From elsewhere on reddit:

Not at all. My wife took our baby when she dyed her hair blue and fell in with a crowd of regs feminists that work with her at Starbucks. She moved back in with her mom, stopped working, and hit me up for child support. They set my CS at the highest earnings I've ever made in my life - a single month during my time owning a janitorial business - , pre tax, 40%. So, that one single month (I had got a contract to clean up a demolished building that paid $4000), I made $6000. Luckily, in Texas, there's a cap at a little over $1000 a month. Problem is, I make $600 every two weeks.

I didn't cheat. I didn't flake. I was supportive, loving, and if I might say so, a good husband. She cheated on me while pregnant with our child, took off while I was at work, no notice, and filed a restraining order which I later found out all lawyers MUST advise their clients of, because it means a MUCH higher rate of achieving custody. That shows up on my background check.

I'm genuinely going to kill myself soon, because I have about two months of savings left with which I can pay my CS, and after that, for each payment missed, it's a court date, with a 180 day jail sentence. Why did all of this happen? So she could find herself. Because she's a strong independent waman who don't need no man. <--- that sentence would have never, ever come out of me before she left.

That's not the half of it, either. I won't bore you with details, but just a few highlights are:

Legal Aid place said their free help for poor people was "more for women".

The state provides free attorneys for women but not men in custody and CS cases.

95% of all custody cases are awarded to women in my state.

This one's the worst of them all, to me: After all of this, I am, in most of society's eyes, a deadbeat dad.

No, this one's the worst: They arbitrated CS from out of state for my wife, so she didn't even have to show up to the court date, but they won't do that for custody. I still haven't even seen my daughter. I learned her name (went from a classic "Julia" to "Aaliahya"..) when the policewoman served me CS papers and treated me like I was trash.

My wife, unemployed, living with mom, gets nothing but help and positivity and support. I'm a monster.

So, that's the story of how I die, apparently.

EDIT: wwell fuck I'm sitting here crying for the first time in.. I don't know.. I can't begin to tell you guys all how much this means to me. I've been living with this huge knot in my chest for close to 2 years and haven't told a soul because I was sure they'd call me weak or not a man or whatever I thought. Just thank you. Thank you thank you thank you, all of you, so much. I promise this to each and every one of you guys: I will document this all. I will make a video detailing all of this, and I'll try to get in contact with some of the people which some of you guys have told me would be interested in the story. I'll plea my case in court before I commit to anything, and like one guy said, maybe jail isn't that bad.

Still wanna get married?

Still wanna bet "your life and everything in it" on the turn of a card in order to win "she gets a ring and a princess party, and you keep the relationship you have now"?

How many more corpses do you need to see?

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