Stoicism is an evolutionary defense mechanism in men. It is designed to protect us.

June 16, 2018

While men dominate the physical realm, women dominate the emotional one. Where one expressive, the other is not. Because of this design, men need women, and women need men.

Pain is a man’s greatest teacher. When men go through pain, something happens in the brain and nervous system. An overload. The defense mechanism? Shut down. War, confrontation, fighting, and everything in between becomes significantly easier. No emotions, no suffering.

A feminine woman, however, will continually handle emotional abuse from chauvinistic men. She compromises, she apologizes, and she continues to stay, despite the unrelenting negativity of an unhealthy relationship. Because of this, a woman does not shut down easily, and she will move through the emotional realm with more ease than her male counterpart.

Stoicism, or toughening up, is the epitome of masculinity. The less emotional a man is, the better he is in his ability to handle the outside world.

He must be abandoned, betrayed, tortured mentally or physically, and left to fend for himself with no help. It’s a sickening reality, one that led us to where we are today, but we must be grateful for the strength is has given us.

And this isn’t to say that men don’t have feelings. Of course we do. But dealing with day to day life, relationships, and problems, requires a certain level of composure. Leadership positions, especially. Much like relationships, the moment a leader breaks down, the entire ship begins to question his authority and ability to lead. He’ll eventually be taken down and replaced with someone better, just as women betray and leave weak and needy men.

We will still smile. We will still laugh. We will still tease.

But underneath it all, there’s a tough armor designed to protect us from the emotionally apocalyptic reality we live in. And only a woman who can truly captivate us with her irresistible beauty, with her smile and her kindness, can truly break through this armor.

It will take some time. You won’t let her in. But she’ll pry her way through every single metal plate until she reaches underneath. You’ll be powerless.

We can sit here all day and pretend we don’t want to fall in love, or we can admit to ourselves that we’re just men. We can be in love and still be Red Pill. We can even get married and still be Red Pill.

While relationships and marriage are not necessarily advocated in this writing, they are worth noting. After all, they are the reason we came here to begin with.

Men fall in love the hardest because they love the hardest, as per the love hierarchy:

Men love women. Women love children. Children love puppies.

It’s not falling in love that deters a man. It’s the excruciating pain of the discrepancy between reality and our imagined expectations. Betrayal leaves permanent burn marks on the heart, but we must understand that this is the price we pay as humans to feel the addictive dopamine high that only love can induce.

A breakup is the one thing that stoicism may not be able to suppress. The emotions are too intense. In time, and as long as he still lives, a man will pick his armor back up and walk through the chaos ahead.

...only to find another woman. Or die alone.

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