Stop giving power to ordinary people!

November 21, 2017
This is something I believe needs to be addressed.
Whenever I see a post refering to:
  • A chad
  • A natural RP'd friend
  • A BPD ex
  • A machiavellian boss
  • I was a beta cuck who has now swallowed the pill
I just cringe at the idea. Stop giving normal people power.
There is no natural rp man. It is just a human who is not socially awkward.
There is no chad. Chad is relevant to his surroundings.
Your ex was not BPD diagnosed, you are giving her a title when she was just an emotional woman that played you.
You did not go from being a 'beta cuck' to an enhanced man. You go to gym, dressed better and now can hold a conversation but still need to regularly check in on trp to keep your skills sharp. You have swallowed nothing. You are simply an observer here.
Your boss was not a machiavellian psychopath with schemes and plots to turn you into his bitch. He was a normal man who saw an opportunity to play you to his advantage.
Maybe the above things are true; (except the natural rp/chad thing its all relative), but you musnt frame things or word things in this manner. The people out in the real world are still just people. They can still die from a eating a single peanut duen to an undianosed allergy. They can still get emotional. They can still bleed. They can all be beaten.
Being a true Red pilled man should not mean that you can go toe to toe with a cunning 5/10 bdp ex. It does not mean you can be the best bitch im your employers harem. It most certainly does not put you in the same playing field as chad due to how many girls you can smash.
You are here to win in what you put your mind to. But you cant win if in your mind you have viewed your self as a loser or second rate.
As you were.

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