Stop reading TRP

January 1, 2020

Guys, here's my honest, real life, own experience advice to you. I'm not a writer or good with words. I'm just another grown man with some childhood issues trying to get them fixed, like most of you here.

Stop reading red pill material, completely.

Read the sidebar, Rollo's book, the top 10 articles of all time on this subreddit and everything on Woujo's blog (really, read everything this guy has ever written, you might as well read only what he has to say and you'd still be good, he knows his shit).

Internalize everything. Get a pen/paper and take notes while reading. Write out some main ideas you get from each article/book. And then re-read all those main ideas you wrote, weekly, to remind yourself of them in case you start slipping.

That's it. Now completely forget about TRP. Stop visiting this subreddit. Stop reading and asking questions on askTRP.

All you're doing past this point is called mental masturbation. It'll fuck you up. Trust me. You'll start becoming paranoid of anything a girl does. Don't go down this rabbit hole.

Most of you are nice guys and you'll become obnoxious assholes trying to fake alpha. Been there done that.

Every interaction you'll have with a girl, won't be natural... in your head, after doing a certain thing, all you're gonna hear will be "was I beta or alpha for doing this? I think this was alpha enough for her to think this of me" etc etc, because you have too much theory and not that much experience.

Just read enough so that you can understand the evolutionary/biological/social mating mechanisms between men and women. Accept them deep down to the marrow of your bones, since they are true, rational, and these mechanisms don't give a fuck about you and they'll still be the same and indirectly have influence over you, even if you don't want to admit it.

I write all this because I've been there and done that. Got with a girl, started reading too much into everything she was doing, due to excess of theory, became paranoid, then came back to TRP community to try and find a solution to my paranoia and insecurity.

Fell into this loophole, like everything had to be perfect. I started categorizing everything in my head related to this girl, as either beta or alpha. Did something... was that alpha like the guys on askTRP write? Said something... fuck I think that was beta considering that article I just read last night.

Forgot to be my own man and have my own opinions and stances. But most importantly, learned my lesson.

TL/DR: Read TRP foundation books and articles. Take the good stuff (there's a lot of bad stuff in here, don't be blind). Internalize it. Get the fuck out of here and start living your life.

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