August 30, 2015


noun: strategy; plural noun: strategies

a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.

A strategy is a method to achieve your goals. Presuming you are basically sane, you have goals that benefit you. Strategy is your plan for benefiting yourself.

Never confuse the means (Self-improvement, hard work, getting help from others, cheating) with the end (benefit). You live a universe that only cares about results. How you got there changes nothing, if the result is the same.

If you are strong because you spent 3 years lifting weights and taking steroids, instead of ten years lifting weights alone, do you think the universe cares? Will it impose justice by not allowing you to lift as much weight? Do you think the girls you want sex from care? Do you think anyone cares?

If you got rich by someone else's work, is your money worth less?

If you got blown because you learned game and faked confidence, did you enjoy the sex less than Chad, who was born with it?

We all know that those who take the path of least resistance are lazy. But some of you need to realize that those who take the path of most resistance are stupid.

  • The lazy man takes the path of least resistance no matter where it leads.

  • The stupid and gullible man takes the hard path because everyone tells him it is the right one, or the virtuous one.

  • The strategist will succeed where both the lazy and the stupid fail.

The strategist is the man who takes the shortest, easiest path which leads to his goal. He does not waste his energy and time on unnecessary flourishes. He does not despise short cuts as a "cop-out". And he does not call inefficient work "self-improvement".

He improves whatever capabilities are necessary for his goal, but he never loses sight of what that goal is. Much strategy involves necessary self-improvement, but honing your capabilities is a means, not an end. Ultimately, you want something. Know what that something is, know what you have to use, and find the best means to bring the two together.

This means cheat. The universe isn't fair. There are no rules. Use whatever you have.

If you are smart, but not charismatic, make money by entering a profession that not many people can train for.

If you are charismatic, but not smart, make money by using your influence on others.

Use the advantages you have to get the ones you don't.

Gifts can be exchanged for each other. Wealth can buy steroids. Friends and connections can help you get wealthy. Hooking a nerd up with a slut can get you smart, expert help. Intelligence can help you learn valuable skills.

You're going to have to improve yourself, a lot, to get what you want, if you're at all ambitious. But never mistake self-improvement for the goal, because then you will lose sight of the shortcuts, or, worse yet, come to despise them.

Only fools are proud of how hard they work. Wise men are proud of how effectively they work.

Be wise. Use strategy. Take the shortest path.


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