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Here is a link to the full study: Conditional expression of women's desires and men's mate guarding across the ovulatory cycle.

I've quoted some key part of the study below, with my commentary. Let's skip the foreplay and get right into it.

Women's preferences for hypothesized indicators of good genes—including facial masculinity, vocal masculinity, body scents associated with symmetry, and behavioral displays of intrasexual competitiveness—do indeed peak near ovulation.

Women rated what they find attractive. The questions did a good job at eliminating any hamstering and getting to the core of what women truly find attractive. They found that women are sexually attracted to physical symmetry and alpha traits.

Also, women are more attracted to alpha traits when they are at their most fertile. This is because sexual strategy is really reproductive strategy. It is female instinct to reproduce with the most masculine (alpha) male.

Women also rated their partner's sexual attractiveness and attractiveness as a long-term mate.

The study called them Sexual Attractiveness and Investment Attractiveness.

Sexual Attractiveness was correlated with how likely the women were to have a one night stand with the man. Investment Attractiveness was how women rated the men for LTR status.

When women were mated to men with low Sexual-versus-Investment Attractiveness, they were particularly likely to experience increased attraction to men other than their partner when fertile.

Even though women typically under-rate their hypergamy, the study still found a massive correlation between how attracted women were to other men and how beta their partners were. The more beta their partners were, the more women were likely to find other men attractive (especially alpha males).

Men low on sexual attractiveness, relative to attractiveness as a long-term partner, were reported to increase their jealous and possessive behaviors midcycle more than sexually attractive men … men who are low on sexual attractiveness evidence the greatest increases in jealousy and possessiveness.

Beta males became jealous when their partners flirted with other men. The more beta, the more jealous. The fact that more sexually attractive men are less jealous supports the idea that displaying an abundance mentality is correlated with male sexual attractiveness.

Men rated as particularly good mates overall were less jealous and possessive overall.

Men with high alpha traits as well as being good LTR material were less jealous.

In exploratory analyses, we examined whether comparable effects would be found on male positive inducements to female fidelity, as reflected in women's reports of love and attention received from partners … Men perceived to be higher in overall mate value, relative to self, tended to be claimed to be less loving and attentive overall.

High value men were less likely to do nice things in an attempt to retain their partners.

Women tended to report feeling greater power and desirability, relative to their partners, when they were fertile … the effect of fertility status was especially carried by women with partners not particularly attractive as short-term mates themselves, relative to their long-term mate attractiveness

When a woman feels horny she also feels more attractive. At the peak of their ovulation cycle, women see beta partners as even less attractive than usual, compared to themselves.

Women also equate their sexual attractiveness to power. For women, sexy equals powerful. When women compete among themselves for sexual attractiveness, they are competing for power. You know all those women’s magazines you see with hot women on the cover? Women see those attractive women as powerful. When a hot girl marries a rich man, that is power plus power.

… and by less attractive women

This was at the end of the last quote, but I want to discuss it separately. What it means is that less attractive women are more likely to despise their beta partners than more attractive women. So, during ovulation an HB4 is more likely to see her beta husband as becoming relatively less attractive to herself than an HB7 would.

[Check out this graph from the study](

The vertical axis shows how much relationship power a woman feels compared to her partner. The horizontal axis goes from beta males at the left to alpha males at the right. Interestingly, women with alpha partners feel power over their relationships during ovulation.

More attractive women reported greater sexual desire.

So, even though less attractive women are more likely to flirt, hotter women feel more horny. This is probably due to a couple of factors, one of which being that hotter women are healthier women and healthier women have a higher sex drive, all else being equal.

It seems that less attractive women are more likely to have less sex with their beta partners and also more likely to attempt to cheat. I actually felt a little sorry for beta schlubs at this point.

The differential effects of general sexual desire and extra-pair desire suggest that shifts in women's desires across the cycle are target-specific.

Alpha men make women wet.

Women's commitment to their partners was lower on high fertility days within the cycle, they did not find cyclic differences in women's general happiness in their relationships, which further suggests that the female temptation to stray is not the result of motivations to switch mates.

The study shows that women are less likely to engage in branch-swinging and more likely to pursue a tactic of alpha fucks-beta bucks. Also, women can say that they are happy with their beta partner, yet still want to have sex with an alpha male.

Women were predicted and found to report greater interest in going out to places where they might meet men (dance clubs and parties) when fertile than when non-fertile. This effect was not moderated by women’s relationship status, or their physical attractiveness.

Never believe a woman who says she goes for girl’s nights out just to hang with her female friends. If you’re in a LTR and your girl does this, you have trouble on your hands. Consider the last sentence in the study quote. Relationship status did not change the fact that women went looking for alpha men when they felt most horny.

However, one thing did.

Women mated to men with high sexual-versus-investment attractiveness showed no tendency to be more attracted to men other than primary partners midcycle.

There’s the kicker. Women who were partnered with alpha males showed no increased attraction to other males. If you are in a LTR or interested in being in one, there is only one way to keep that pussy at home where it belongs: be alpha.

Edited to correct my labeling of the graph.