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Study: Excessive pregnancy weight gain linked to obesity in children

March 15, 2015

So i decided to check my facebook today for what's happening in my regional Southeastern weather report.

Remember I'm a truck driver so facebook for mobile helps me keep in touch with friends, family, and business acquaintances with relative ease.

I happen to stumble upon this gem while looking at the weather...

Lo and behold, we have found some light, ham planet feminists and walking manatees do not want to see this information going around especially with the post of that hot 30 year old model being fit and not gaining 50 lbs. or more during her pregnancy.

As I read the new article on their facebook wall, I find this little “NAWALT Lump of coal” still left in this diamond of truth of an article . I can't tell if this post wall mom is blatantly lying, or is rationalizing because she doesn't think she's fat.


That's the chick arguing the NAWALT bullshit on the facebook feed of the article.

What do you guys think ?


TL;DR If you go for LTR game don't let your bitch gain excessive weight or your seed will likely have a chance to be obese by a %300 chance.

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